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Apr 3, 2006 06:35 PM

Gordon Ramsay's Verre in Dubai

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Does anyone have an idea what the prices are at Verre? I was thinking of a table d'hote or equivalent, with wine matching, but any idea of recent or current rates would be very helpful.



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  1. We're staying at this resort, and are a little nervous about the dining options thereabouts. How are the hotel restaurants, and can any Chowhounds recommend any dining options nearby, or on the way to/from the city? All price ranges welcome though cheap eats would be appreciated as we plan to splurge on Verre.



    1. There is a poster just few down who just ate there.

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        Yes, I was hoping to get an idea of the cost, since I'm doing my budgeting for the trip at present.



      2. It's been a while that you posted this but the prices at Verre are as follows:

        A La Carte:
        Starters: 65 to 110 AED
        Mains: 150 to 205 AED
        Desserts: 45 to 95 AED

        Tasting Menu: 495 AED

        Hope this helps!