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Apr 2, 2006 10:58 AM

36 hours in bologna

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hello, we have thirty six hours in bologna, looking for a great lunch, and a great dinner..i was thinking bitone for dinner, and meloncello, or teresina for lunch...any suggestions, money no object, just looking for great food..thx

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  1. Be sure to visit the Tamburini food shop, one of the finest in Italy. You can have lunch there as well. The food is very, very good, but it is served cafeteria-style. Recommended!

    1. See if you can find my report on eating in Bologna from January 2006.I agree about Tamburini. We had fantastic meals at Caminetto d'Oro and at Da Cesari. Gianni a la Vecia is very very good as well.

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        thx...ive already done tamburini a few times

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          I would second the Caminetto d'Oro recommendation. We ate there last spring and had a terrific experience with both the food and service.

        2. We did 6 meals in Bologna about 10 years ago and Da Cesare was the best though not as well known as most of the others.

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            Peter Cherches

            With such limited time you probably won't want to go to the trouble of taking the train to Imola for San Domenico, but it's quite remarkable, and definitely in the money's no object department.


            1. Whatever you do, please make some time to walk to Sorbetteria la Castiglione for some gelato. It's about a 10 minute walk from the main square, but worth every step. We were in Bologna for one day and went there twice...we are pigs. They are serious about gelato; no silly displays here. Just really delicious stuff. It is at 44 Via Castiglione. Don't deny yourself!