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Apr 1, 2006 08:01 PM

La Defense area for chow?

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In July my wife and I will spend a week in Paris staying in an apartment in the La Defense area.
This is new location for us, so any help that readers can offer about food and markets (doubtful) in the area will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks for any assistance.

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  1. I know you've already been there by now, but for others I'll post a warning not to stay in the La Defense area. It's a combination of high-rise offices and low-income housing. As a result, nearly all restaurants are open for lunch only, i.e. they have to cover all their fixed costs without the dinner service. This means that its both expensive and that the quality is poor since no self-respcting restauranteur would opt to have his restaurant there.

    1. Not too far from the Defence is Paolo Petrini, a great northern Italian, behind the Arch de Triomphe at metro Argentine or Port Maillot. There are also options at Port Maillot and in Neuilly. Depsite the housing project reputation, you are not too far from the aformantioned areas that are rather wealthy.

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        Absolutely true. Port Maillot - which is 3 or 4 metro stops from La Defense, and is the home to the big convention center of paris - has many wonderful restaurants nearby....

        My favorite is Petit Pergolese !