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Mar 27, 2006 08:59 PM

Sacre Coeur

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Are there any good restaurant suggestions around this area? Thanks!

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  1. That's a tough area for good restaurants. I remember a few passabl? places down the big stairs on the backside, down rue Mont Cenis, but the names escape me.

    1. Beauvilliers is fairly close though not right across the street or in the place du tertres. It has had (not sure if still does) one Michelin star and a very romantic, flower filled decor.

      1. Last night I had dinner at La Famille on the rue des 3 Freres, and I enjoyed it very much. The restaurant is small and homey in appearance, almost 'neighborhoody' but not at all bistro-y in its food. In fact it was downright chic. For starters, oysters in a seawater jelle, a roti de canard with an unusual presentation, no dessert por moi, but I did eat a square truffle flavored with mint dusted in bitter powdered chocolate. Only 29 euros and I strongly recommend it. It was cutting edge,'deconstructed food'-fun to look at and good to eat.

        1. Indeed most of the restaurants located at the top of the hill look like tourists traps, however in Montmartre there are some of the restaurants I like :

          La Table d’Hélène
          14 rue Duc
          phone : 01 46 06 49 68
          It is located near the Town Hall of the 18th. In spite the fact Hélène has started a cooking career rather late (she worked in marketing I think) she is a good cook and if you go there do not miss her fabulous “dariole au chocolat” for dessert (even better than the one served at l’Epi Dupin).

          Le Cottage Marcadet
          151 bis rue Marcadet
          phone : 01 42 57 71 22
          This very cosy place has since 2006 a new owner-chef who has, in spite of his youth, worked in many 3 stars restaurants where he gained very valuable experience. Prices here may be high unless you take the excellent 28€ menu. It is surprising to find such a charming place in this very common street.
          If you like desserts it is the place to visit, they are here as good as the one served at Giufeli.
          Formal atmosphere.

          15 rue Caulaincourt
          phone : 01 53 28 28 31
          This restaurant has opened this year too and the chef is a former cooking teacher. You will get there traditional French cooking in an informal atmosphere.
          Located near the main Montmartre’s cemetery.

          1. My favorite restaurants in Montmartre are Cafe Burq and La Famille. They both embody the character and spirit of the neighborhood to give you a concrete example of why Montmatre is so different from the rest of Paris.