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Mar 19, 2006 02:49 PM

Advice for a starving student in Melbourne?

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Hey all, I will be going to Melbourne (Australia) for an internship for two and a half months from June to mid August. I'm excited because I know Melbourne has a vibrant food culture as well, and certainly Australia in general has plenty of agriculture and ethnic diversity, which is always good.

So, with that in mind, do people have any advice on how to eat well and cheaply, in the method to which I have become accustomed in San Francisco? (The way I do it here is: shop at farmers' markets and ethnic markets, eat Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Indian food when you eat out, and above all, constantly consult chowhound's SF message board).

Specifically my questions are:
- What cuisines are the cheap & tasty ones?
- Any specific restaurants in Melbourne that people recommend becoming a regular at?
- Farmers markets - how are they?
- Are there any good online message boards or forums on food in Melbourne?

Thanks all! Looking forward to going down under!

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  1. Where will you be living? Melbourne is a huge city in terms of size, although inner Melbourne, where the highest concentration of restaurants are, is fairly compact with public transport being acceptable.
    The 2006 Age Cheap Eats has just been released with details on hundreds of local restaurants offering meals at A$25 or less - that's a great place to start.
    There are many local markets, along with the famous Victoria Market, and farmers' markets are on somewhere most weekends.
    Hope that your trip is an enjoyable one.

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      Thanks for the advice! I'll probably be working in the business district. Is that inner Melbourne?

      1. re: mingerspice

        Yes, inner Melbourne and plenty of eating options there, particularly North near both Melbourne University and RMIT.
        Try to find lodgings close in as well - too much time wasted on public transport otherwise.

    2. Hi,

      I have posted a link to the Melbourne Farmer's Markets. I will post a few great cheap Melbourne restaurants that you should be a regular at over the next couple of days.