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Mar 19, 2006 09:57 AM

Paris narrowing choices

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Hi all. Philly chowhound going to Paris. We are winnowing our choices for Paris dining.

Some thoughts are:

Deux Canard
L'ilot Veche
Aux Saveurs du Claude
Vin sur Vin
Aux Lyonnais
Au Camelot
Au Bourguignon du marais
Ma Bourgogne
Le Cottage Marcadet

Any choices that are must do or must not do? We don't want heavy bistro fare every evening but some are fine.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. The only one on your list I've been to is L'Ilot Vache. We were staying at a B&B apartment on Ile St. Louis that was just across the street from the restaurant...and it was our first dinner in Paris when we were exhausted from jet lag, so it was nice to just walk a few feet to our dinner. :) It's a small place, very pleasant with nice bistro food. We liked the appetizers, main dishes, and cheese platter. My terrine of avocado and tomato was especially enjoyable. The desserts we had weren't great; don't have the creme brulee. There are other places with better food but if you want some place quiet and peaceful with decent food at a great price (33e for all 4 courses), this would be a good choice.

    1. This might be a little after the fact but...Aux Saveurs du Claude is a very nice place. He does some interesting things. Worth a visit.

      1. Certainly keep on your list Aux Lyonnais plus Astier and Le C'Amelot, both in the 11th. In the 11th, I would add Les Amognes and Le Repaire de Cartouche.

        1. I agree with Maribel..I think you should know that Le C'Amelot has a prix fixe menu with very little choice, so find out what the main course is in case it is something you are allergic to or really don't like. The time I went they were serving maigret, a dish I had been avoiding since my first trip to Paris many years ago. However, I decided it was time to eat raw poultry and I loved it. I have to tell the truth though, I pretended it was lamb. Now I will eat it and even the medium rare pigeon, although I am not crazy about the gaminess of the pigeon or wood cock.