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Mar 15, 2006 04:49 AM

Israel-Haifa, Dead Sea, Herzelia

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Hi all
Spending a couple weeks in Israel- will be mostly in Haifa and surrounding cities but will travel to Dead Sea for a couple of days. Would love any recs for must-try restaurants.Open to all cuisines, no dietary restrictions.
Thanks as always.

Double S

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  1. in haifa, on the main tel aviv - haifa- naharia road (at beach level) are several very old, very good swarma places. those you have to try.

    to the south of haifa, south of the university, is a druze village, I believe called wadi joz, with several great meat resteraunts, known for roast lamb.

    in the galalee - north east of haifa, are several arab villages that have large garden style resteraunts, mostly of roasted meat and kababs. all are good, you can ask your hotel for directions.

    in acre, just north of haifa, in the old city, on the water, are a number of good grilled fish places.

    in herzalia, there is a huge number of good resteraunts, there are two streets in herzalia pituah that are all of the most trendy resteraunts in the country - zuzobra is a good noodle place. also, try out Dr. Lek, an ice cream place that is about the best in teh country.