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Buenos Aires

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We are traveling to BA for 8 days in April. Any recommendations on local Restaurants, Delis, Wine Bars & Food Markets? We are interested in Parrillas and Bares y Cafe Notables de Buenos Aires.

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    With that much time in BA, you MUST MUST MUST go to Restaurant Dora.
    Go there your first night in town, and if you're like us you'll go back again before you leave. We even ended our ski trip a day early to get back to BA for a 3rd Dora visit before leaving town.

    Your first visit get a steak and one of their spinach preparations...HEAVEN!

    Enjoy BA...it is one of my favorite cities anywhere.

    Was that enough MUSTs up top???

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      I beg to disagree- I took the advice of Chowhounds and went to this restaurant Dora on my 15 th annivesary, on an anniversary trip to BA. I was SO dissapointed !!the tables were really close together, the noise deafening-all of which wouldn't have mattered a bit if the food was any good. which it wasn't !! in a country famed for meat,theirs was completely unappetizing. I hesitate to recommed the Cabana las Lilas, which Chowhounds would probably say is too touristy- but we did go to a parilla called "1881", near San Telmo, on Defensa Street. It was small, local, cheap, fun and delicious. Everything you want in a parilla..

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        Victor Domenech

        I lived for two years in BA before the crash and when the peso=dollar. The best parrilla is La Brigada in San Telmo. The waiters use spoons to cut the meat in your table. Cabana Las Lilas and La Caballeriza are for first timers in the city and tourists. Better than those in the same area is Estilo Campo in Puerto Madero. Dora is overrated. Try Oviedo in Berruti street in the Recoleta-Barrio Norte area. Used to go there a lot on sundays.

    2. There have been several posts on this board about BA, so run a search to see what others recommend.

      I was in BA in December and enjoyed Cafe la Biela in the Recoleta district. It is a bit posh, but a huge, huge tree hovers over the outdoor tables. It is worth a stop if you are visiting the Recoleta Cemetary. Also, on that same street (this is the street leading up the the Iglesia del Pilar) is a deli called Peck. I believe it is the same Peck that's in Milan, but it might be worth checking out if you are looking for delis.

      One restaurant I read about, but didn't visit, was El Obrero. You might want to investigate that. I liked Cabana de las Lilas, even though it is probably overpriced for BA standards and touristy. Finally, don't miss gelato - Freddo, Volta and Periscopo (sp?).

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        1. I highly recommend Sucre. Especially the shredded lamb entree. One of our best meals in BA that we had last year.

          1. On the advice of chowhounds we went to Cabana las Lilas and Dora.

            Cabana las lilas was phenomenal. Don't let the fact that tourists go there discourage you. It was the best steak period! The prices were fabulous because the dollar is so strong. If the weather is nice have the concierge call ahead to request an outdoor table, you will not get one otherwise. NB there are two. We went to the one at the waterfront area.

            Dora was good. Although the waiters are in tuxes it is not a fancy place. The decor is dated and the tables are close together. It is very casual. HOwever, we enjoyed everything we ate. I highly recommend the spanish omelette. It is stuffed with potatoes. Really excellent.

            have fun.

            1. On the recommendation of the concierge at the Four Seasons, we went to both Dora and Cabana las Lilas over the past few days. Both were good, but I wanted to add a few notes for those travelling to BA and wanting to visit these restaurants.

              Dora: The fish (we had both wreckfish and sole) was good, but it's a large portion. It's better (IMO) to order one fish to share, and get some of the sides that are recommended elsewhere in this thread. Or get two, but plan on sharing. The tables seemed spaced appropriately, and our waiter was gruff, but polite. We went on the anniversary of the Falkland Island war, so maybe the crowd was a little less than it would have been otherwise. But I'll repeat.

              CLL: A mixed review. We had a reservation at 8:30 (the latest the hotel could get), and were mixed in with seemingly 100s of other American tourists. The service seemed really rushed, like they were trying to turn the table before the 10:00 rush. Which they did, by bringing our starters just as we started into the cover, and our mains halfway through the starters.

              The steak was great (we had the lomo and the ojo de bife), and the sides were average (papas fritas a la provenzal). A warning: I received a counterfeit $10 bill in change from here -- probably just a mistake, but not one I would expect a place of this repute to make. Next time, I'll probably 1/2 the amount for a steak that 95% of the quality at Mirasol or one of the other great steakhouses here.

              A few other notes about restaurants we tried. La Cabrera in Palermo Viejo has great steaks and really good chorizo, Filo was a fun place for pizzas, pastas, etc., and La Baita had decent Italian. Don Carlos in La Boca is worth a visit (lunch is safer), and definitely get some ice cream while you're here.

              1. Casa Cruz in Palermo is a MUST! Fantastic food, service and wine. There is also a drink at the bar with cucumber in it - I forgot the name but it was excellent!

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                  I second the recomendation for Casa Cruz. It is one of my top 5 restaurants in the world. I had the duck risotto which was to die for.

                2. Herman's on Sante Fe and Malabia in Palermo is a great REAL porteno experience. The menu ranges from steak to pasta. The decor is old school, as are the service and prices. Note the waiters do not write down orders, they take pride in memorizing them. This place is an authentic gem.

                  1. My boyfriend and I just arrived in BA today. Our hotel room in Palermo Soho was not yet ready so we went to Mark's Deli nearby to have a bite and relax. Mark's Deli was a great place to go having just been on a 9 hour flight. The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable. A mixture of tourists and locals were here. Cash only is accepted. The menu is extensive (written on a blackboard in Spanish)and includes a variety of sandwiches and salads. After reading the menu, you sit down at table of your choice and a waitress comes over to take your order. The sandwiches are tasty. They are served on white bread, not particularly large but fresh and good. The frozen cappuccino was wonderful! You can sit and feel relaxed here...people were reading books etc. A little pricey though (sandwich was around $8...not too bad but a small portion)

                    1. Palermo Soho is a great neighborhood with lots of wonderful restaurants. La Cabrera is a fantastic steak house that is very reasonably priced. The portions are huge and it is recommended that you share an entree. The meal comes with a variety of side dishes and sauces. The only downside is that you will be in and out of the restaurant within an hour. It's a "must" though. Another favorite my boyfriend and I recently ate in in Palermo Soho was Bar Uriate. The service is wonderful and the food and wine list were great. It's a little bit of scene but we walked in without a reservation and had no problem getting a table.

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                        "The only downside is that you will be in and out of the restaurant within an hour."

                        Unless patrons are the ones that want to leave, I strongly disagree. In any public place ( caf├ęs, bars &etc ), people usu. linger for hours. I can't recall a single place where waiters would push you to leave the tables. Not La Cabrera, not anyplace else.