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Mar 6, 2006 07:31 PM

Lucerne, Switzerland restaurants

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Amazingly, scouring through the Chowhound boards, I could not find any posts with restaurant recommendations for Lucerne, Switzerland.

Any restaurant recommendations or is there not much choice beyond the standard tourist fare?


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  1. So, there still aren't any postings on Lucerne, Switzerland restaurants... but, did you go and find any while you're there? I'm headed there in about a month.

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      guys - did you come up with anything? i'm heading there this week and even the almighty google has thrown up almost nothing of interest foodwise...

      1. re: rupert c

        Had 3 weeks ago a very nice and decent lunch at Brasserie Bodu im Haus zum Raben, Korngasse 5. I definitely would go back. Reservation recommended, phone +41 41 410 01 77

    2. We ate at Brasserie Bodu a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic meal. Highly recommended.

      1. there is a good thread on this on trip advisor:

        They seem to agree that the restaurant in Hotel Balance is fantastic, Bodu for French, and Old Swiss House for typical but not outstanding Swiss.

        I'm there in two weeks or so, so thanks hobbes, for bringing it to the fore...and Hallo Marc from Munich!

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          Tripadvisor is good for hotel research, but I am not sure about the food recommendation there.

          I had inquiry last year about this on chowhound ( I got a few good tips.

          Fritschi is mediocre at best. We tried a fondue and 2 rosti dishes there, and all of them are not as good as others we had, and that place strikes me more of a tourist trap - we decide to eat there after seeing the mural.

          One restaurant I can recommend is Wirsthaus Staube. They have outdoor tables near the river. We had bratwurst (with side of rosti), meatloaf and also the veal pastry, which are mini veal meatballs on a puff pastry. All were tasty.

          Fondue house was good, but rather pricey. They have raclette as well (and a real raclette machine - not predone at a kitchen).

          I've also find it very interesting to browse the food aisles at Co-op. They have a restaurant also, but I think it close when the grocery store closes (6PM? can't remember). The restaurant is self-serve. Very basic but the prices are good.

          Lastly, the food on the lake tour boat wasn't half bad. It's basic fare, but better than I expect from a touristy place, plus if you get bored during the long cruise it's a way to kill time.

        2. *Bodu makes one of the best steak frites around.
          *For great Swiss food, go to the Hotel Rebstock (right in front of Hofkirche)
          *For an amazing Italian meal off the beaten path, try Il Grottino on Industriestrasse (a good 20 minute walk from the train station). No menu, you just eat what they serve, but they never let you down.
          *A good lunch spot right along the river is Nix with a great 20CHF set menu (it's actually right next to Taube--also recommended below)
          *Great thai take away is Takrai across the street from the Hotel National
          *And for vegetarians, try Hofgarten, which does really interesting things with a vegetarian menu.