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Mar 6, 2006 08:50 AM

Luxor, Egypt - A gourmets paradise?

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Off to Luxor soon, any ideas for a couple of foodies?

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  1. wow. i never found any of my meals all over egypt to be memorable (except for one at someone's home) well memorable because none of them were very good!

    i'd love to hear what others have to say. sorry i wasn't of any help !:)

    1. I'm Egyptian and I agree with junglekitte about no good food in restaurants you only find it in home made food but there is some restaurants which is not that fancy but they are good. here is the names and address

      My Queen, Tel. 749 1655 – 748 7537 – 3368941 (Gamet El Dowal El Arabia St.)

      El Tekia, Tel, 3351470-7496673