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Mar 5, 2006 04:52 PM

Looking for great food and cheap prices in Greece

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Greece is all new to us.

And this July we are staying two weeks in a villa on the coast close to Marathon and just east and north of Scianias Beach.

We will do things independently as well as together because we are family of two spry and active grandparents, two yuppie parents, two teenage children and a baby and a young aunt, who does grad work at Penn State.

Any suggestions for great food, fresh markets, seafood, etc would be appreciated. We plan to drive around Attica, over to Athens and Corinth and take the ferry over to Evia in the east. Evia looks pretty quiet. Any ideas?

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  1. one place that I love in central athens is by the monostiraki metro station. right out front of the station (which is right by the flea market and very close to the acropolis) are a half dozen meat grill/gyros places that are full of greek families on the weekends. excellent, kid friengly authentic food at very good prices. great atmosphere, loud and very friendly.