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Mar 2, 2006 02:41 PM

Best Boeuf Bourguignon in Paris?

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My family has been traving to Paris at least once a year since I was a child. We always stayed in the St. Germain area and religiously had our first dinner at a restaurant that served the best boeuf bourguignon. We returned a few years ago to find out that the restaurant has closed. We have not been able to find a good substitute. I will be in Paris with my Mom in April and I would love to find a good place before we go. We are renting an apartment in St. Germain, but would travel anywhere for good food. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

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  1. According to "Gourmet Paris" by Emmanuel Rubin -- the book that is divided not by area, but by the dish you want to try -- the best places for Boeuf Bourguignon are: Le Recamier in the 7th, Chez Rene in the 5th, and Le Vieux Bistrot in the 4th. I'd heard elsewhere that Le Vieux Bistrot had excellent boeuf bourg. but when we went there, they were closed with a stove malfunction. :( Let us know what you find!

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      Le Récamier has gone and La Cigale Récamier (previous location Rue Chomel) moved into the place about two years ago.

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        faijay( fai jackson)

        I had the BB at Chez Rene and it was very good and should still be what many guide writers consider the best in Paris. Enjoy your meal.

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          ...and I love their Lamb with White Beans! will have to try the Boeuf B next time!

      2. I was lucky enough to have a pastis, boeuf bourguignon, and a bottle of beaujolais at Chez Rene. I had read the recommendation from Patricia Wells ("Food Lover's Guide to Paris") and luckily I actually followed through, tracked it down, and had dinner there.

        Food, ambience, service was very traditional and delicious. I don't know if it's the absolute "best bbourg in Paris" but I am confident Chez Rene is easily and at the very least a top-10.

        Some photos and more details about the meal here:

        I hope anyone who reads this gets to try it sometime, and I surely recommend it.
        Bon appetit!

        PS ... just read somewhere that Chez Rene may be SOLD this month (Feb '08), so you might want to research or ask your hotel concierge if the chef is the same and if it is still good.

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          1. my husband and i had the WORST experience at chez rene. the service was horrendous, which i would have easily overlooked had the food been good. however, we ordered beef bourguignon and coq a vin, two classics. Both were disgusting. It was like the meat in both had been cooked - way overcooked, tough, and dry - separately, and then thrown into the exact same sauce. It bordered on unedible. Such a disappointment.

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              We (well my wife, Mo -- I snagged some tastes) had very pleasing bb at Chez Rene in February 2010 -- it was rich & dark, viscous & velvety, and was served in a hot small Staub that was left at the table. (I had two things that I cannot resist: Oeufs mayonaise; followed by four generous slices of Saucisson chaud à la Lyonnaise -- so good.) All with a nice Lyonnaise rouge for only 27 Euros.

              The ambiance was great (this place feels like 1957 -- when it opened) and the service was fine. We'll happily return. -- Jake

            2. I had two excellent meals at La Grille, Rue du Faubourg Poissoniere, 10th, in December, 2008. I had the BB one night and St. Jacques with beurre blanc the next, both specialties of the house. The beurre blanc was as thick as mayonnaise; Madame feigned indignation when I asked if any cream had been added to stabilize it. This small restaurant is one of the rare "Monsieur in the kitchen, Madame in front" bistros left in Paris. Highly recommended.

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                Le Grille very yum. Go. Not sure if they do bourguignon, though, but who said we had to be relevant?

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                  Yes they do! The bourguignon is one of the three permanent specials, along with the turbot for two and the scallops, and is of comparable quality.