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Mar 2, 2006 10:06 AM

Cape Town recommendations

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Hi - I'm headed to Cape Town in two weeks. I was there six months ago, but I'm curious about any new restaurants that have opened.

Also, any recs for vegetarians or the budget-conscious?

I'm also interested in going for sundowners in Camps Bay - where's the best place for that?


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  1. Sorry, can't comment on any new places. Popular places for sundowners in Campsbay are Blues, Sandbar, Baraza, Caprice. They are all very trendy, but then, so is Campsbay! Just outside of Campsbay in La Med, a mainly outdoor bar, which is also phenomenally popular. That's not my neck of the woods, geographically nor activity-wise, but perhaps someone else here can advise you specifically.

    Where are you situated? Kylemore? If so, you might try the northern suburbs too.

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      Yes, I'd certainly be interested in recommendations for the Northern Suburbs as well. Thank you!

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        You misinterpreted me. I'm a Capetonian; what would I know about the northern suburbs - they're behind the Boerewors curtain!

        Ok,ok... the inevitable snide, snobby Capetonian comments aside (if I didn't say it, I'd be letting the side down!), I can give you some names I've heard about, but not actually eaten at myself (I'm on-off out of the country at the moment):

        Pricy options:
        Terroir - Kleine Zalze Park turn-off, R44, Stellenbosch
        Zandberg Farm, Winery Road
        Off the R44 between Somerset West & Stellenbosch
        Somerset West (don't know about veggie options here)

        I know you asked for budget, but there's so much good stuff in cape town, that factoring in petrol, I usually won't drive forty minutes for cheap eats.
        That said, look at Stellenbosch; there's a real cafe culture springing up, and maybe even veggie stuff with that.

        One Stellenbosch place I can reccomend is:
        Red Pepper Deli
        Aan de Wagen Road, Stellenbosch,

        You can order things with them, or just pop by and take what's on offer. Their long rolls baked with cheeses and vegetables inside will, to quote a Kaapse saying, "put you in your grave". It's a good death, though! Great for parties, or for yourself.

        I know there's a Wangthai in Somerset West; they'll have veggie options, and I really like their Cape Town branches. Thai food, medium price (you'll find asian food more expensive in Cape Town relative to other food, as opposed to in the States).

        Let us know what you find. I will post if I think of anything else. You're probably best off doing some local exploring in the northern suburbs.

    2. Avoid One.Waterfront - frou frou to the extreme, disappointing food.

      We had wonderful lunches at Willoughby and Co. in the V&A waterfront:
      The seafood was very fresh and well prepared. The sushi was excellent also. It is a casual middle of mall type restaurant. Great for lunch but no atmosphere for dinner.

      We heard that Baia at V&A was also excellent but never made it there.

      We happened upon a cute place in Camps Bay called Ocean Blue. It looks a bit like a tourist trap but the food was very good.

      If you get out to Franshook you must go to La Fromagerie for lunch. It was a great chowhound tip. The food and setting were marvelous. If you get the cheese plate they come out with a huge selection from which to choose. Get the blue cheese tart for an app. A friend had the lasagna which was free form and excellent.


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      1. re: Jo

        I disagree about One.Waterfront. I found the food to be exceedingly good, one of the top 20 places I have eaten in on five continents. Everything I and my dinner partners had was excellenmt, the service was great without being stuffy, and the wine recommendations were amazing. When I couldn't make up my mind about desert wines they gave me tastes... as much as I wanted of all the ones they had. On my second visit a bottle of champagne was presented to us on the house before dinner since they enjoyed our conversation so much on the previous visit a week prior.

        You must have been there on an off day or else it has slipped massively since the several meals I had there a year ago.

        1. re: JMF

          Yep, I read similar reviews which is why we went there. Don't get me wrong, I like (love) high end frou frou food but theirs was just too complicated and frou frou. None of the flavors melded, lots of really odd ingredients that didn't taste good together. Yes the service and wine list were good but the food really missed the mark. IMHO