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Feb 23, 2006 01:19 PM

Paris Restaurants for teens

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In 10 days my friend and I are taking her 16 year old daughter to paris for her birthday with one of her friends. Any suggestions for restaurants where one might find a very young and trendy crowd, preferably one with good food.

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  1. I'm taking my 12 and 15 year old granddaughters in March, so I'm quite interested in restaurants you found last year. Please let me know.

    1. 12 and 15 - that's a tough crowd - pre-teen and teen. Luckily Paris has the one thing that unites all girls - shopping. Shop, eat, then shop some more.

      Delicabar at Le Bon Marché: colourful, modern "snack-chic" cafe - get the club sandwich, colour-coordinated seasonal salads, any of the jewel-like pastries (displayed in a jewelry store like counter-case), and the thick, rich bittersweet hot chocolate. Grab a box of their playfully packaged and perfect chocolates to go (the cool little shopping bags are a bonus).

      Lafayette Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette (Haussmann): one of the world's best food courts and luxury grocers - get classics like torte (quiche) at Maison Kayser and Opera cake from Dalloyau (little Parisian pastry history lesson - they say the cake was created in honour of the Opera Garnier - the pastry layers resembling the architectural layers of the opera house).

      Ladurée Champs Elysées: you have to walk the Champs Elysées at least once in your life - have lunch or dinner at the Ladurée location there - get the seasonal macaroons (tell the girls they saw the same pastries in the movie Marie Antoinette).

      1. I would guess they would enjoy people watching in the window seats at Fouquet's on the Champs Elysée. They also have some delicious hot chocolate.

        1. Your teens may enjoy Flam's where you can eat the traditional Alsatian specialty Flammekueche. It's sort of a pizza, but much lighter. The basic version is just the very thin pastry, fresh cream, oignons and bacon, but lots of varities (with different types of cheeses, mushrooms, veggies, etc.) are usually available, too. In Paris, you'll have a couple of branches. Besides, it's not expensive and there are some as-much-as-you-can-eat formulas.

          For more info, click 'accédez au site flams', then 'ou sont les flams' to find the addresses in Paris. Info only in French though.