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Feb 22, 2006 10:27 AM

melbourne australia

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I'm meeting my girlfriend in melbourne australia and am looking to celebrate a really good dinner for our birthdays. We are huge foodies, however don't want to spend an arm and leg to eat. we are open to all cuisines and cultures, we just need a restaurant to have great food and wine any suggestions?

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  1. Man, many options. What sort of price per couple for food? There are roughly 50 "hatted" restaurants in the reputable Good Food Guide, so choice is almost unlimited, both in cost and cuisine.
    Where will you be staying as well?

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      price around the $150.00 for 2, and I will be staying in the cbd of melbourne so walking distance would be good . type of cuisine dosn't matter we just want somthing great, any news on the bluestone (?) I think thats what it's called, any help would be great. Thanks

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        Belgian Beer Cafe Bluestone, 557 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Close to the CBD and a pub/ restaurant of reasonable quality. Neither fish nor fowl in that it does not appear in either The Good Food Guide or Cheap Eats, two of the best books on Melbourne eating. Too dear for Cheap Eats, not good enough for TGFG. However on a sunny day in the shade of several large trees, it offers a lovely opprtunity to trial numerous Belgian beers with above average food (Belgian style).
        Other suggestions to follow soon - when are you in Melbourne?

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          We will be in melbourne from the 12th of april to the 15th of april, and then heading up the ocean highway to adelaide. I've heard of a place called verge? any good? thanks for the info looking forward to somemore suggestions.

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            sorry on the last one missread the line the post was from me

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              Verge is excellent, 1 Toque in GFG, Modern Australian style, mains low A$30s.
              Other super restaurants in the immediate vicinity include European (1 Toque), Grossi Florentino (2T), Bottega (1T), Taxi (2T), Becco (2T), ezard (2T), radii (2T), Il Bacaro (1T), Mo Mo (1T) and Punch Lane (1T). And these are all within 5 minutes walk of Verge.

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                I can vouch for Grossi Florentino.

                It is a great favourite of mine.