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Feb 10, 2006 11:28 AM

Ota-ku Wholesale Market in Tokyo -- I didn't know

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I was watching a program on Japanese television the other night in NYC and there was a segment on various wholesale markets in the Tokyo area. Besides Tuskiji, which everyone knows about, there's one in Yokohama, and one in Ota-ku, near Haneda airport, which I had no idea about.

From what I'm starting to gather from an online search, the Ota wholesale market is even larger in space than Tsukiji and is a consolidation of a few markets (flowers, produce, fish, etc.) that were located in other sections of the city in older buildings. And while most of the businesses are wholesalers, there's a lot of shopping available for individuals. And of course, there seems to be some good eating to be had as well.

I wish I had known about this, since I usually stay with my relatives in Ota-ku, and it seems like it's pretty nearby. I guess this will be another itinerary item for my next Tokyo visit.


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  1. Hmm. Go figure. I lived in Ota-ku for 10 years and never knew about that place. I heard there is a wholesale market near Toritsu-daigakku (next -ku over) as well, though not huge or anything, it's supposed to be very cheap. ....I do know some good chow in that general area though. That's my hood.

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      Here is a list of the other markets in Tokyo:

      Adachi - fish
      Itabashi - fruits, vegetables and flowers
      Kasai - fruits, vegetables and flowers
      Kita-Adachi - fruits and vegetables
      Matsubara-bunjou - fruits and vegetables
      Ota - fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers
      Setagaya - fruits, vegetables and flowers
      Shokuniku - meat
      Tama New Town - fruits and vegetables
      Toshima - fruits and vegetables
      Tsukiji - fish, fruits and vegetables
      Yodobashi - fruits and vegetables

      Here are some links (in Japanese):
      Adachi Ichiba


      Bistro Sanyo at Ota Market
      Check out the popular "set menu" of uni. There are only 20 sets available per day, and a bargain at 1,200 yen (about $10 U.S.). The uni set meal is the second photo down.

      And of course, beyond the above, you have Kappabashi for plastic food, and kitchen gadgets, located close to Asakusa.


      1. re: Yukari

        Wow, I think I may be making a trip to Ota -- that uni set looks great!

        1. re: Debbie M.

          Go early, they open at 6 a.m.

          phone 03-5492-2875

          Here is a map on their website.


        2. re: Yukari

          Yeah, during my search, I did find out about the other markets around the city. Thanks for the details. The show I saw did a feature on Sanyo-Shokudo, but suprisingly didn't say anything about the uni. They did have the ebi-furai though.