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Feb 9, 2006 08:27 AM

Any recs for Bogota Colombia?

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My friend will be there for about a month (got there this morining) and I will be able to contact her by email. She did not have any time to research before her trip, as she had to leave quite suddenly. I would like to surprise her with some good restaurants to try, or tell her what the local specialties are.

Anyone, Anyone????

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  1. I forgot to mention that I tried to search, but got only 7 hits and they were all about 'Colombian-STYLE' food in NYC.

    1. try Salina's - that is one of the best resteraunts in bogata. it is where all the big business people and politicians go.

      1. La Casa Vieja (downtown)for ajiaco, a chicken stew.
        La Fragata,(seafood) also downtown but more for the view.
        Any street vendor for salpicon, many kinds of fruit cut up small.

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          I second Casa Vieja.

          Leo Cocina y Cava
          Cll. 27B # 6 - 75

          Club Colombia
          Ave. 82 No 9-11
          2495681 - 3210704

          La Criolla
          Cll. 26A # 4-42

          Fulanitos 73
          Cll. 73 # 9-24
          comida vallecaucana

          Gaira Café
          Cra. 13 # 96-11
          6362696 - 6231551
          comida costena

          La Arepería Venezolana
          Cll. 85 # 13-16
          arepas venezolanas

          Cll 118 # 5-23
          comida criolla

          Andrés Carne de Res
          Cll. 3 # 11 A 56, Chía

          El anticuario
          Cll. 9 # 3 - 27
          comida tipica

          Patacones Food and Gallery
          Cra. 14 # 93-88 local 103

          A regional selection.Have fun.

        2. probably too late......but for what it's worth...the zona rosa has lots of great restaurants.

          1) anything by Harry Sasson (Colombian chef) -- his main restaurant is Harry's.
          2) DiLucca's
          3) El Corral -- it's fast-food, but great burgers
          4) in Chia, Andres Carnes des Res -- the food is great, but you're really there for the experience
          5) ajiaco is a colombian specialty. similar to a stew with potatoes and corn.

          1. Carbon de Palo. they have a couple of locations but the main one is on Avenida 19 and Calle 106 (19th Ave and 106 street)

            The specialize in meat. awesome portions at pretty fair prices.

            My favorite thing is the side dishes they give you. arepa, sweet plantain and a nice potato.
            The overall ambiance is quite nice with live Colombian music. The service is just great.

            go check it out!