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Jan 30, 2006 09:20 PM

off to La Paz, Mexico...

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Headed to La Paz, Mexico in a few days, any recommendations? Any new tacquerias?

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  1. Check out this web address for a very active Baja discussion board and post your question on their restaurant section.


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      Gypsy Jan -
      Thanks for the link.

    2. Try Las Tres Virgenes. very good food. try either the poblano chili soup or the tortilla. both very good also their lam shank was was too much for 2 people so if you have a group it's really good. SHARE!! portions are very large. the blue crab enchiladas were fantastic and so was the lobster. simply but nicely furnished the atmosphere copliments the food. a must.

      another good option, not quite as fancy, Supper Burro Tacqueria makes good food. we had 2 carne asadas and 4 tacos. all very good. only drink coca-cola but thats ok because just down the street there is a mini-super (they let you bring beer.) Not so much a taco stand as a very Mexican kitchen with an open air seating area attached. best part- La Cuenta. $15.

      although Super Burro is good deffenatly go to Tres Virgenes at some point in your trip

      good eating!

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