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Jan 30, 2006 01:28 PM

Local food specialties in Kunming, China?

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What are the local food specialties in Kunming? Any good restaurants and/or street food? Anything to look out for and enjoy in summer?
I'm not looking for international hotels, but chow places that either have food pictures, or the owner's daughter/son speaks a little English.

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    mary shaposhnik

    My writeup from a few years ago is down below. Short on specifics, though, and Kunming is growing so rapidly things would likely have changed since then. The Muslim street at the base of the New Era hotel should still be good hunting grounds, though. And one of the Dai restaurants did have pictures on the menu, but only of some stuff. To get black chicken stew and the like I had to point at other people's plates.

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      I read and saved your wonderful writeup after you wrote it, Mary, and I will take it with me. But as you say, I do need more specifics.

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      Michael Rodriguez

      We were in Kunming last June and July. Here are some suggestions:

      A famous local dish is "crossing the bridge rice noodle soup." A chain called The Brothers Jiang prepares wonderful versions (as well as lots of other dishes). This dish is not to be missed.

      In the Kunming Hotel is a branch of a restaurant from Hong Kong, Carrianna, which serves wonderful ChiuChow food. Order the sliced brined goose. Just terrific.

      He Feng Xuan is an excellent restaurant just down (south) the street from the Green Lake Hotel. We ate 8 or 10 meals there and were never once disappointed. They offer lots of local dishes. And their menu has pictures for those who don't read a lot of Chinese.

      Across the street from He Feng Xuan is a restaurant offering Dai food--I regret that I don't remember the name of the restaurant. It is on the lake side of the street at the north end of a row of restaurants.

      We ate a meal in an architecturally interesting building, a 19th century home. The restaurant is Gu Ming Ju. (Contact me directly if you would like me to send you the characters for these places.) The food was good, the building wonderful.

      I think I could furnish more precise locations if you're really interested.

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        I will be in kunming this june, and would be keen to get more information in terms of names and addresses for those restaurants you mentioned above

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          Would you have the exact address of Gu Ming Ju?

          We are currently living in Kunming, and i am trying to find a "different" restaurant to take my husband to, for our wedding anniversary.


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            Laozhiqing Restaurant is the one suggested by the Muztagh Travel website for good Dai food. Muztagh (a good resource for off-the-beaten-track travel in China) has a couple of other suggestions, too.


          2. I don't have street addresses for these places. I do have the names in Chinese, which should enable any taxi driver to get you there. But I don't know how to include Chnese characters in a post. Can anyone tell me how?


            Michael Rodriguez

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              Michael, if you can see them on your screen, and can cut and paste them into the message, they should be visible to the viewer if he has Chinese language support installed. With current vrsions of Windows, I beleive it's almost automatic, and the Chinese character fonts will be downloaded if needed.

              小杨生煎 (Yum!)

            2. Thanks, Gary.

              Kunming Eats

              There’s a good vegetarian restaurant directly across the street from the Buddhist Temple Yuantong Si--圆通寺.

              古名局 is in an interesting late-Qing or early-Republic period building, and the food is good, too. It’s located on an alley near Zhengyi Street.

              五十年老昆明 is in a newish building built to resemble a traditional building. The resemblance is quite good, as is the food.

              荷风轩 is directly across the street from Green Lake on the east side of the lake. It’s quite close to the Green Lake Hotel. This is my favorite Kunming restaurant. There’s a picture menu, helpful servers, a garden in the middle of the restaurant, private rooms in the back, and terrific food.

              And don’t forget the Jiang Brothers for crossing the bridge rice noodle soup.

              1. can anyone translate this into Pinyin for me? I can't read characters, and neither can my computer, and the places sound great!!