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Jan 22, 2006 12:37 PM

Santiago, Chile

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Any restaurant ideas for Santiago? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Sharon, doesn't look like there were any responses to your request for recommendations for restaurants in Santiago. Have you gone and come back? We leave on 02/18 for four weeks in Chile - Puerto Montt, Santiago and the Atacama area after a week of hiking in Patagonia. Any suggestions or places to avoid?!!


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      i am fairly certain that by now you have realized that a gourmet trip to chile is an oxymoron.....pack plenty of lomotil and pray

      1. re: epicurious

        Absolutely true. I have NEVER - on 9 trips recently - had a good meal in Santiago. The closest was the sunday brunch at the Ritz-Carlton - thank you Chowhounds for pointing me in that direction.

        And if anyone mentions Astrid & Gaston (sp) as a fantastic restaurant, I'll go crazy !!!!!!!

        1. re: epicurious

          The Bristol Restaurant in the Hotel Plaza San Francisco is well beyond the lomotil and Immodium AD category. I'd put it at about a 20 for food on the Zagat scale. If you don't mind the hawkers trying to pull you into every restaurant, there are some decent places at the Mercado Central.

          1. re: epicurious

            Having just spent 30 hours straight in bed after something violently disagreed with my digestive system, I would say "be careful"! On Sunday, I had lunch at Nuria of the only diners open on Sunday. Perhaps I should have eaten "well done" lomo con pobre instead of medium-well. The french fries were like little oil sponges so I avoided most of them. I'm not sure it was Nuria's food that put me in agony but the rest of the day I only ate home-cooked (well-done) turkey and pork from Santa Isabel butcher counter.

            1. re: epicurious

              I find it so strange that the opinions here vary so much. I have been in Santiago several times and I can tell you that there are wonderful restaurants throughout the city to enjoy. There is a great variety of any type of ethinic food available. I don't know where you guys have gone or what you have eaten there but I believe that it has a lot to do with your attitude. I can go to NYC and go to the Bronx and not find anything I want there either because that wouldn't be the place to go to find good restaurants. So my suggestion is to take more time to explore and find the many places there to eat (which are really everywhere). The food is very good, very fresh, and the restaurants are typically clean.


          2. Barandarian, a Peruvian restaurant at El Patio, prepared the best food we had in Santiago. There's a kind of food mall called Borderio (spelling?) with more than a dozen restaurants. People reported that they had good meals at some of them. The Central Market is touristy but still fun -- and the seafood is fresh.

            1. I had a very different experience in Santiago! We found lots of great restaurants, especially in the Bella Vista neighborhood. There are several run by the same guy and they are all beautifully decorated. One I remember is called "Like Water for Chocolate", but in Spanish, Como Agua para Chocolate. There is one that is a sea food restaurant and it's decorated very playfully like the sea. If you ask around or look for restaurants in Bella Vista you can have a lot of fun. We would dine like queens there (one year ago, exactly), appetizers, entrees, dessert, wine, cocktails and never spend more than 15 to 20 US each!!! The cuts of fish are different, usually thinner than in the US, but it was very good. You must try Corvina, supposedly sea bass, but I thought what they call Congor tasted more like what we think of as Chilean sea bass. The food in the smaller villages was a little bizarre. And not much to write home about. I was in Santiago for 3 weeks studying Spanish and ate out every night. I should have kept better records of the restaurants where I ate. I look at my travel journal and see what I recorded.

              1. off the record in bellavista was wonderful---great seafood stew, great pisco sours and excellent service. i highly recommend it. my bf and i just got back from there and we loved chile---

                though lonely planet recommends this place, please avoid as much as you can, la boheme (supposedly french, very bad) in bellavista.

                1. i couldn't recommend the mercado central---too overly hyped and messy and busy and not fresh, though it's surrounded by a fresh produce and fish market. a must though if you're into the touristy thing.