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Jan 9, 2006 03:33 PM

Islamabad and Karachi?

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Heading there at the beginning of February. I know it's a long shot, but just wondering if anyone has any super chow tips to pass on!

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  1. I am sorry that I don't have any fantastic chow tips. I just returned from Islamabad, and I was very happy to know that the Thai restaurant in the Marriott was actually pretty good. The service is slow, but the Pad Thai Gong Sod is pretty tasty. I was not able to get out in town much...

    1. I may have to consult w/ some relatives, but there are some good, really good, halal-style Chinese places. As well as a plethora of good tandoor, and I recall being taken to a (filthy) market as a child and eating brains for breakfast (to see if I could "hack it"). It was delicious.

      As with other countries in that area, it's all about the street vendors/hawker stalls. Sometimes you just gotta follow your nose.

      Oh, I'm referring to Karachi here.

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        Looking forward to what you come up with! I don't think I will go for the brains, since I had them in both Turkey and France and didn't enjoy them...but great tandoori and great Chinese will definitely go down well.

      2. Not much else to do for fun (in public) in Pakistan but eat. Note: No alcohol served anywhere (not even hotels) and don't even think about bringing it in the country as they X-ray your bags.

        In Karachi, go to Barbeque Tonight (everyone knows it)--a five story mega kebab and nan complex--very popular with locals/families and an "authentic" Karachi middle class eating experience.
        Blood oranges and grapefruit should be in season.

        Go for a evening boat ride in the Karachi Harbour where they cook up fresh prawns (not caught in the Harbour)--see if you can find Captain Salim.

        If you find yourself in the Rawalpindi Airport, there is a restaurant (one floor up from the main level) which is very pleasant. Had the White Karachi chicken which was delicious.

        1. this is late but just incase. I used to live in Islamabad but it was 10 years ago so this may be outdated. One of my favorite places was an Afghani restaurant in the blue area (on Jinnah road closer to Attaturk Ave (I belive) on the side of the road farthest from marghalla hills, south I think -- if that makes sense). They had spits of meat outside so if they are still there you should be able to find them by driving down Jinnah. It was popular with locals and had the most amazing lamb so I hope it is still there (they also have brains over rice that people seemed to love). Another Afghani place is Kabuls. I believe is in / near Jinnah supermarket (taxi drivers should know). Its a fun place to sit outside, eat loads of meat, big naans and rice while surrounded by the smoky charcoal and the market. Also, one of my favorites was to just go to the local chapatti shop (should be one in most markets -- ask around) and get stuffed meat or potato paratha and chapattis fresh.

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          1. I'm also late but... I have lots of suggestions for Islamabad: theres a great restaurant I called Khaas, which has fabulous food and is in an art gallery up in F6-3 (St 2, House 1 or 2) theres also a great Lebanese restaurant in F6-3 and Kabuls as mentioned by Salmon is also a favourite of mine. I'm still searching for more great places to visit though, so if anyone has any more suggestions, please post.

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              Cafe Khaas is good but open only for lunch. Dinner options where you can BYOB: L'Atmosphere, Rifi's, Majilis, Luna Caprese as well as a few Hotel restaurants (Marriott)... you can buy good imported beer at At Home Cafe. All of the above for non-muslims only of course.