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Jan 6, 2006 12:34 AM

Eating in India

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Looking for interesting places to eat in India...
Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Hydrebad, Agra...would appreciate some feedback.

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  1. We just finished up a week in Mumbai (and are now in Delhi). A quick summation of the places we ate that I'd recommend:

    1) Khyber - If you don't eat anywhere else, eat here. The food is fantastic, the ambience is great, and it's a nice break from Bombay. Pricey for India, but about the same as you'd pay in U.S. But you have to eat here.

    2) Delhi Dharba - Off Colaba Causeway, it's a nice place that serves food that's more similar to what we're used to in the U.S. in terms of Indian food. The food is very good and quite reasonable.

    3) Indigo Deli - This is American/Deli food, but you have to go just to experience the 'other side' of Bombay. Everything is safe to eat (it's all cleaned with filtered water) and they make a damn fine Reuben. It's by the Gateway to India. They also have a really nice real restaurant elsewhere in town that everyone loves, but that we didn't make it to.

    4) Kebab Korner - This was in our hotel (the Intercontinental - highly recommended, too) but the Indian food was fantastic. The night we ate in the restaurant, 95% of the people were locals. Just let the head waiter make suggestions; everything he brought out was incredible.

    5) Bade Miya - This is a Kebab stall around the Taj Hotel area. The stand is incredible; it's so popular that they've turned the abandonded warehouse across the street into seating. Really, really good.

    6) Swati Snacks - A really good snack food place; no idea what we ate (we were with locals), but it involved something pressed between banana leaves and various forms of bread (parathas?). It was all great, however. Be prepared for a wait to get in though.

    Those are starters - I'll post more if I can remember where else we ate.


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      good job! you really did your research or had local help.

      try rajdhani (next to crawford mkt) for gujju thali, or thacker club in dadaseth agiary road.

      khyber, gaylords, delhi darbar, kwality, copper chimney form the north indian stable in south bombay. but next time ask for delhi darbar in bombay central.

      bade miya had his heyday 20 years ago - i doubt if hes even around anymore. for truly interesting kebabs you'll have to explore muhammad ali road (check out busybee's articles: he's the one who taught the bombayites about the glories available in the city).

      and talking abouy busybee, try and score parsee food next time - jimmy boys, or if you have local help, try and get into the ripon club at kala ghoda.

      busybee is also a good way to sense the enormous variety of cooking in india.


      1. re: howler

        try cream center on the chowpatty beach as well. great veg food. if you are up to a little adventure, try the kulfi center, wich is right down the street.

    2. For Best places to eat in Goa you should try the following places.
      a) Martins Beach corner - Betalbatim.
      b) Brittos Restaurant - Baga

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