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Jan 3, 2006 05:34 AM

restaurants in Hong Kong

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I'll be in Hong Kong for a week beginning tomorrow (January 4th). Can somebody please recommend some delicious restaurants? My interest is not in the sort of elegant, cosmopolitan restaurants that you might find anywhere on the globe but in very good, authentic Chinese cooking (Cantonese or otherwise). Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. do a quick search of this board (control-F). You'll find several relatively recent posts.

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      Michael Rodriguez

      Yong Kee (Wellington Street) serves excellent roast goose in the Cantonese roast meat tradition. Nan Xiao Guo (several locations; I visited the place on Pottinger Street) presents wonderful Shanghainese dishes. Maxim (in the old City Hall Building) is very good both for dim sum in the morning and dinner. And the room has great views of the harbor.

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        the maxim chain of restaurants serve outstanding food. go to any maxim chain for dim sum as the one in the city hall is quite crowded. please see my post several months ago for real authentic hong kong cuisine...

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          i am not able to find your post from a few months ago--would you mind emailing it to me?
          thanks so much!

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            I've spent a pleasant half hour scrolling down the board, dreaming of far-off climes and tastes, and I think I found it. See link below. It's part of a thread of Hong Kong recommendations.


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          Yuen Kee is tops! Cathay Pacific serves their food in first class and the goose is worldwide famous. Forbes ranks this place as one of the top 15 restaurants before. Its still very famous for their goose! I was just there about 1 month ago. If you have time take a boat out to Lamma Island and hit one of the seafood restaurants. Its a little cheaper but not cheaper than going into Macau or China. Macau has amazing food too!

          Another famous place for Dim Sum is Luk Yu Teahouse in Central. It still keeps its old world charm and I recommend you go before 11am. It gets crowded. I went there around 9:30am and they still use these steamers and carry around the Dim Sum. I heard when it gets crowded you order by paper. This place is also good for dinner. Its under Mom's recommendation.

          If you want hot pot Little Lamb in Kowloon is now popular with the locals. They got a special at 9:30pm for 4 people. I forgot how much but its a meal deal. I suggest you call for reservations as dinner on weekends are very crowded for all of the above restaurants. Little Lamb is on Kimberly road and they serve Lamb Hot Pot. They got famous in China for raising their own lamb. If I were there again I would try to eat at Yueng Kee. They have a very extensive menu. Its the best restaurant in Hong Kong. It says something if Cathay Pacific picks this restaurant for their first class meals. But you see for yourself when you see the different items on the dinner menu. I didn't even get a chance to try all of it. I ate there once for dinner and once for lunch. I did the take out for goose and sausages. This is the real thing.

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            i heard a lot of good things about little lamb although i've never been. i don't agree on luk yue though, their dim sum is horrible and dishes ordered off the menu is just okay.

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              Thanks for everyone's input. I've been in Hong Kong for two days and, to my chagrin, have only had one truly wonderful meal--the beautiful dim sum at Maxim's. I agree with Ruby that the dim sum at Luk Yu, which was certainly a charming place, was mediocre at best. We also ate at Lei Garden--good, not great--and Water Margin, which I found touristy, tacky and mediocre. Also Xiao Nan Guo (the Shanghainese chain), which was also good not great. So here's the question: We have one day left. Where to eat? Da Ping Huo (which, for some reason, our hotel is working hard to get us to avoid)? Yung Kee? Peking Garden? Spring Deer? Yellow Door? A fish restaurant on Lamma? Yu? Any final advice about wonderful food on our last day would be greatly appreciated.

        3. For modern Chinese (spicy and exotic ingredients as well as less adventurous) in a stylish setting, try Water Margin at the Times Square mall in Causeway Bay.

          Victoria Harbour Seafood (several locations) has some of the best dim sum.

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            I was in Hong Kong recently and ate at Victoria Harbor Seafood in the Harbor City shopping mall. It was excellent food, especially the hairy crab dumplings. Another option is Tai Cheung Bakery for their famous egg custards. Be forewarned that the line can be long and that you might have to wait awhile. Yung Kee was overrated in my mind, as they served a Roast Duck that was cold and almost congealed. Blecchhh!!!

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              egg tart lover

              hi there!

              i am gg to HK this weekend and have been desperately tryong to laocatethe new address of TAI CHEUNG BAKERY - do you happen to have the new address where you visited it this year? if so, i'd be most gratful oif you coiuld share it with me pls!!

              many thsnks in advance!!! :):)

            2. Thai Basil in Pacific Place Mall