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Dec 22, 2005 09:33 AM

Puerto Vallarta Marlin tacos

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Tacon Marlin (tacon is the way to say a BIG taco)outside the Puerto Vallarta airport (go over the bridge outside - DON'T eat at the airport). They have the most fantastic roasted Marlin tacos. They are huge. When you sit down you are served a little cup of a chopped veggie salad with a crema type dressing that is very tasty, then a small plate of chiles/onions/other in escabeche. The tacon comes. It is wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla and really looks more like a burrito. FILLED with chunks of roasted seasoned Marlin. There are 3 types of salsa's from squirt bottles which were all delish. The price is $4.50. This is where the pilots eat, we saw many in there. I could only eat half and took the other on the flight. Wish I would have ordered some to go. Fellow passengers going back to LA were impressed. FYI Marlin(swordfish)is on the "good alternative" category from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium list. Women of childbearing age and children should avoid.

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  1. Also "across the bridge", Islas Marias for best BBQ ribs.

    1. Marlin is not swordfish. Are the tacos Marlin or Swordfish. Sorry to be nitpicky but it is important as I don't really like Marlin.


      1. Help me please. I love Islas Marias now that the former owners took it back. Where does it sit compared to Tacon de Marlin? As you cross the bridge, is the latter to the left, as my spot is just there to the right, open air, used to be set up for airline workers but not now. Gracias in advance.