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Nov 26, 2003 09:57 AM

Good Dining at a Bar?

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My question is--where besides Zuni and Hawthorne Lane can you go in this city to graze and water while at a comfortable bar--not a scene type of place.

Last night, "Mr. Gina" and I decided to have a Thanksgiving drink and light fare at Hawthorne Lane. When we arrived they annouced that there was liquor only but no food as they stopped serving at 7:30 (it was 7:45). They were going to be shampooing their rugs.

I just share this as I thought it was odd that a restaurant could close their books for the night during these times. Wouldn't it be better to do it early Sunday morning?

We were calmed by the more than smooth Chopin martinis and sailed down Market to Zuni for some late eats of oysters, salad and shoestrings, and another 'tini.

Any recommendations would be welcome--we're somewhat habitual at 2223 but we think it would be good to broaden our horizons in '04.


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  1. I have been gathering a list of favorite places to eat at the bar ... it's fun, and it allows us to get into places where normally there would be a wait. Here are some that come to mind:

    * Hayes Street Grille. The woman bartender who is usually there is a great server. It's fun to watch the hustle and bustle of the restaurant from behind a martini and fries at the bar. We have full meals sitting here, and prefer it to sitting at a table.

    * Chez Nous. They have a teeny tiny bar area in the back which is fun to sit at. Much more fun to choose what you're eating by checking out what they're cooking. They only serve beer and wine, though.

    * Timo's. I am a Timo's fan, and I think that eating at the bar there is a perfect thing to do for the tapas. Esp. good to do when you are just having a few bites. I think that some of the other tapas places in the mission allow bar dining as well.

    That whole Hawthorne Lane incident is just bizarre -- makes you wonder if something happened to make it necessary to shampoo the rugs *right then* :)

    1. Postrio has good bar space and food.

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        But Postrio doesn't serve the full menu at the bar. Not recommded.

      2. I had lunch yesterday at the bar at Tadich. I do not know if they serve dinner at the bar/counter, but it is a great spot for lunch.

        1. I dropped in to Solstice on California/Divisadero Monday night to meet some friends for a drink. It's the space that used to be Rasela's (sp?). The atmosphere is very nice inside, and the food that I had was pretty good and reasonably priced: chicken pot pie was yummy, and a fruit & cheese plate was also quite nice. Both priced around $6 or $7, and smallish so you could certainly order several items as appetizers and not have too much food.

          It's more of an upscale bar/lounge than a restaurant, which is an attraction for me.

          1. I've been meaning to go for drinks and snacks after work at Piperade. They have about 8 seats at the bar. The quality of the food doesn't hurt, either. Yum.