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Nov 10, 2005 08:27 PM

Four Seasons in Buenos Aires

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We'll be staying at the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires during Christmas. The hotel is bombarding me with emails about the holiday set price menus and to make my reservations NOW etc. They're very successfully appealing to my neurotic travel planning streak.

Fair enough, because I have no interest in wandering around looking for an open eatery on X-mas in a predominantly Catholic country. But I can't quite parse the diff. between the two hotel restaurants offering Christmas dinner -- Le Dôme vs. Le Mistral. Menus are about the same, as are the prices. (I fully intend to go to some of the other places suggested on the board, and wouldn't opt for eating at the hotel if it were any regular day.)

If perhaps anyone’s been, please share. Thanks.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Le Mistral is the restaurant off the lobby. Not sure where the other is. Ate in the lobby restaurant a couple of times last March, and it wasn't bad. Within a couple of blocks of the hotel are a lot of very good restaurants (see my earlier post), but I have no idea whether any are open on Xmas. Even if they are, they're probably serving special holiday meals and the quality can be radically different from regular days. The hotel restaurants will probably be fine.

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      loved the food at 4 seasons. the best part of staying there was we could afford it!

      for other restaurants, which i don't have time to access for you now, check food and wine, gourmet and saveur in the last and leisure just did a round-up last month. it may still be on the newstand. if not, i think you can access that online. all had great food recos! if you live in a major city, the public library has copies. also, nytimes online may be able to give you info.
      we had great food everywhere. the concierge at the four seasons was very good at recommending good places also. !!! have fun.
      i will be in paris and lisbon for thanksgiving. if you have any recos there, let me know!

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      Silly Disciple

      Ashley James, chef at Le Mistral, is a somewhat known local celebrity chef, regularly appearing in cable channel. I've never eaten there, so I can't really comment on his cooking.
      You'll find that a lot of restaurants will be open on x-mas. You should however book in advance when possible.
      Also, several other high end hostels in Buenos Aires have better restaurants than Four Seasons:
      La Bourgogne in Hotel Alvear, run by chef Bondoux is quite possibly the best restaurant in Buenos Aires, and chef Martitegui's cuisine at restaurant Agraz @Caesar Park hotel in also excellent.

      1. We were in BA for Christmas a few years ago. Regardless of where you decide to eat, just be sure to sew up your reservation good and tight because most everything in town will be closed on Christmas Day. As in London, on Christmas you're safest counting on a hotel dining room.

        1. leave this week for a business trip and staying at the FSBA and wondering if there are really good restaurants close to the hotel for a woman dining alone..
          Le Mistral looks great as well as Le Dome in the hotel.
          I speak spanish so I'm not worried on the language issue.

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            I dined alone, even late at night and it was okay. Lots of restaurants are still serving families at midnight. Pick one that looks light and lively as you will find restaurants of all kinds on almost every block. Wonderful city for dining -- even if you have to do it alone. No problem.

            A great site to visit for the best BsAs info on everything is on "FlyerTalk" and then find the South American thread and the Buenos Aires thread which has been going on for a long time and is full of exceptional tips about all aspexts of this wonderful destination.

            Agree, Christmas in this city would not be an easy place to find a lot open. Tip for Europe was to look around train stations for things to still be open, but not the best advice for this city but worth a try if you get stuck. Opt for the hotel and share the fun would be my advice or see what room service can offer or stack in a bunch of munchies and just call it another day. (Ouch)

          2. Probably the top Hotel restaurant by general concensus is La Bourgogne is you are looking for a place for Christmas Day. My experience there was good but in the sense of i felt like i was eating in some gloriously out dated french restaurant from the 80's. The quality of the food was great but the style was certainly antiquated.
            My top tip for BA is a place called 647 Dinner Club, maybe one of the best looking restaurants I have been to in my life( The food was also great and as i have read from other bloggers, not your average argentine restaurant.