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I discovered a beer in Mexico this week that was really very high quality for a mass produced beer. Victoria Negra, better than any other Mexican beers I have had.

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  1. i was recently in mexico and also had victoria. thought it was great. actually, i had a few mexican beers that were considerably better (imho) than the corona or dos equis we're used to. now if i could just remember the names of any of them...

    1. Years ago in the Yucatan, I fell in love with a dark beer called Leon. It went particularly well with the delicious local food, especially turkey in various sauces. Does any one know if Leon is still around, and where I can get some in France??

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        Yes, Leon is still brewed. Unfortunately, I have no clue as to whether it would be available in France.

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          Yes, Leon Beer is still around and made if I am not mistaken by the Modelo Beer company. It has two or three sister beers as well along the same lines of quality but with flavor and body differances.

          Another excellent beer here in Mexico, known as the "Cream of Beers" is Negro Modelo. It is a full bodied taste without being a "filler upper" as I call some heavier beers that make you feel as full as if you had already eaten dinner.


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            Can I buy Leon beer in Texas?

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              I'm totally with you on Negro Modelo. Love the stuff.

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                It's actually Negra Modelo (not Negro). Excellent beer.

                I have never seen Leon in the US, though I wouldn't be surprised if you could buy it in Texas.

          2. Often Mexican beers are better in Mexico since they are fresher and haven't been warehoused so long.

            I tend to like pilsner style beers, and my favorite Mexicans are Bohemia and Pacifico. Both have nice hops character and some maltiness.

            Your results may differ

            ed (the poster formerly known as e.d.)

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              Tried Negro Modelo in Watsonville, CA a few days back....

              Compared to fresh brewpub beer, bottled beer don't cut it at all. I can recommend Moylan's in Novato, and Thirsty Bear in San Francisco.

              Russian River Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa makes usually excellent Belgians. Beer aged in oak casks - there's a brew....

            2. Negra Modelo is the best (IMO) widely available in the US mexican beer. Try it with some Mole or a good green chili and just try to tell me you don't want to move to Mexico tomorrow.

              1. Negra Modelo and Bohemia are both excellent, European-style beers--I think of Modelo as a Bavarian style dark. I'm assumning the old German connection in Mexico was responsible for the good brewing tradition.


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                  Negra Modelo is an unusual dark Oktoberfest-style beer. I'm not sure about Bohemia, but suspect it also benefits from the German connection.

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                    Apologies if this is too geeked-out, but the Negra Modelo is a Santiago Graf-Style Vienna, a Mexican substyle named for the brewer who developed it. A small percentage of roasted malt is added to the grist in order to bring the mash pH down (rather than treat the liquor with salts), but not so much as to give it an overly roasty flavor. There is an impact in color and flavor, obviously, but it is definitely not in schwartzbier territory.

                    What you said is essentially spot-on, Jim, but I just thought I'd highlight a genuine Mexican contribution to the world of beer.

                2. I've tried about a dozen Mexican beers and my top five are...

                  Modelo Negra
                  Carta Blanca
                  Pacifico Claro
                  Dos Equis

                  The ones I didn't think were very good were...

                  Modelo Especial (?)

                  I'm sure there are alot of new Mexican beers I haven't had.

                  1. It might rank low on the Mexican beer list, but I love me some Tecate.

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                      Here, here.
                      It's what I drank when I was there.


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                        Agreed -- and when it's 100 degrees out, you can suck them down and not get even the slightest bit drunk, they're just quaffable. Tecate's not in the running for "best beer" -- it's so far out it can't even see the race -- but it's up there on the drinkability.

                    2. Love Pacifico - tastes much different with a lime, really brings out the flavor in this beer more than any other. Wasn't there a beer called Chihuahua a while back? Thought it was ok.

                      1. My husband says his favorite beer is Simpatico, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I live in Florida -- anyone know where I might find it, even shipped?

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                          I don't think they make Simpatico anymore. :(

                          I remember Chihuahua.

                        2. Try Noche Buena if you can find it. It is seasonal - late autumn release for the holidays. It's a bock beer - malty, caramel with clean/crisp finish. The name refers to both Christmas Eve & the poinsettia.

                          I've only had it in Mexico City...haven't seen it in the states...but maybe it can be found closer to the border.

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                            Noche Buena was imported to the US years ago, but I'd guess it hasn't been available in the states for a good 15 years, and towards the end I recall it was unfortunately dumbed down. I used to look forward to it in the bad old days when it was hard to find much interesting beer, particularly on the east coast. Has anyone seen it anywhere in the US in recent years?

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                              Gabriella's on Amsterdam Ave. in the 90's in NYC has Noche Buena near Christmas-time.

                          2. A mexican restaurant in Park Slope on 5th ave between 11th and 12th st carries Victoria. I don't know the name of the restaurant, sorry it slips my mind.