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Oct 10, 2005 03:46 PM

Warm Weather Vacation Ideas with Great Food

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My husband and I want to plan a trip over Christmas and are batting around a bunch of places in Mexico, Belize, and South America. It occurred to me that perhaps the quality of food could help us finally decide on a place. Other warm weather vacations we've taken to Vieques and the Caribbean have often lead to a great time with not-so-great food.
Basically, we're looking for something a little offbeat (no big commercial resorts), not too far off (no Southeast Asia trips right now) warm, and not insanely expensive where we can both eat well and do lots of sight-seeing and active things like biking and such.

Anyone have any ideas that might fit the bill?

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  1. r
    rabo encendido

    Two words for you, Lila.


    The rains have just ended, and, aside from a tropical shower here and there, the weather will be warm and beautiful until next June or so.

    And, most importantly, the food is phenomenal. Linked a post below of my trip in March. Wish I was there right now.


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    1. re: rabo encendido
      Morvern Callar

      I have to get to Zihua, I hear good things.

      Similarly, Playa del Carmen, near Cancun and Cozumel (but less touristy), has everything from chic bars to family-run comidas, and while the prices on the main strip (Avenida Quinta) are American, go a block or two over and it's a pretty good value. Lodging at Christmas time will be expensive, but at least the food and beaches will make it worth the price.


    2. St. Martin the half French, half Dutch island in the Caribbean has terrific food--at least on the French side. The little restaurants on the water in Grand Case are terrific. The whole place is very laid back and quite fun. there's a casino on the Dutch side and lots of gold/jewelry shopping there in Phillipsburg, the cruise ship port, but the French side especially Marigot and Grand Case seems to eat for excitement. Excellent French cooking.

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      1. re: JmVikmanis

        I second St. Martin. Especially the village of Grand Case. Fabulous French food in a laid-back setting. Or casual inexpensive grilled food at a picnic table. My favorite eating vacations have taken place on St. Martin. No reason to visit the other side, IMHO.

        1. re: JmVikmanis

          I disagree. I was not at all impressed by the food on the French side, but that isn't the main problem. Unless this sort of thing doesn't bother you, the combination of grinding poverty, cheesy "luxury" resorts, and beer-guzzling European louts (on the Dutch side) is enough to ruin any vacation. I went there to charter a sailboat, and got off the island as quickly as I could. Sailed to St. Bart's, where I had some very good French/island food in Gustavia. But I have forgotten the name of the restaurant.

          My recommendation for what you seek is - Hawaii. I just came back from 10 days on the Big Isaland, and the food was great. I live in Paris, and would give anything to have the Hilo Bay Cafe over here.

        2. m
          mary shaposhnik

          Scratch Belize off the list. It has its attractions, but food is NOT one of them, and everything there is far more expensive than in Mexico or elsewhere in Central America. I have family there, and we've searched a lot for good food, but other than some good fish and your basic Caribbean stewed chicken, it wears thin.

          Mexico would be a better bet, though I don't know what places are warm in the winter.

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          1. re: mary shaposhnik

            just returned form puerto vallarta mexico
            10 miles north in the small town of bucareias, the best meal i ever had was at MARKS

            don't miss out

            also=great breakfast at KARENS on the beach

              1. re: bob levy

                there are many really great restaraunts in Bucerias. Bambu, Roots, Dugarels, Karens, Expressions, The Red Apple...

            1. Hi-

              Please do keep the "warm weather" chow tips coming, any discussion of where to find great chow south of the border is on topic, but lodging discussion is not on topic for this board.

              Thanks for helping us keep the focus on the chow.

              1. Ditto the recommendation to scratch Belize off your list. It has its charms, to be sure, but food isn't among them, in my opinion.

                I think Mexico City has the absolute best eats between Miami and Peru.