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Sep 30, 2005 03:05 PM

Where to take host family to dinner in Paris?

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My daughter is a student living with a very nice host family in Paris (in the 17e). I'd like to take them to a nice dinner out in Paris next month. I don't want to break the bank, but I'd like it to be special, to thank them for being so wonderful to my child. All suggestions appreciated. TIA.

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  1. I've always found that when taking a host out, in their hood, the choice of restaurant is best left to them.

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      ...unless they "low-ball" you to be polite. That is to say offer up some lame place like Bisto Romain or Chez Clement in order to take it easy on your budget. It's alwaysa good to have a few places in your back pocket that you might like to throw out there to let them know your interests and price range.

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        Well said. Thanks.

    2. I agree that it might be best to ask them but also agree that you should have some ideas of your own to use if they defer to you or to suggest to them to give them an idea of what you might have in mind, especially price wise. I'd be happy to try to make some suggestions to that end if you'd provide a bit more information. Approximately how much would you think it reasonable to spend per person for your dinner? To help you "not break the bank" it would be helpful to know roughly how big your bank is. Also would you prefer to offer restaurants rather close to the host family home in the 17th or is anywhere in Paris a possibility? Do you think they'd prefer a dinner of French food or is something ethnic also a possibility? Is the quality of the food your primary concern or would you like fancy/interesting ambiance as well or even better? Will you be a party of 6 (two sets of parents and two children) or larger? Any small children? don't want to make this too difficult but some idea on these issues could help us provide a better set of recommendations.

      without knowing any of the above, I'd suggest in general:
      Ambassade d'Auvergne in the 3rd near the Pompideau has lovely old-world setting and aligot, the wonderful potato, cheese and garlic dish that they whisk at your table and then hold up the elastic-like strings that reach as long as 3 feet or more. Auvergne cooking, highly regarded.
      Au Bon Accuiel in the 7th near the Eiffel Tower. Modern setting, excellent food, pleasant all the way around.
      Bookinistes in the 5th, another modern, trendy place popular with tourists but with excellent food and nice setting.
      Chez Vong in the 1st or Passy Mandarin in the 16th. Owned by the same family, excellent upscale Chinese in lovely settings. Vong has almost cave-like ambiance. Price can rise if you permit the waiter to order for you.

      Lots more if you will supply somewhat more specific info. enjoy

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        Thank you so much! We will probably be a party of 6 or 7 and no young kids (a 14 y.o. host-brother is the youngest). I'm assuming I will have to spend at least 50 euros a head for anything decent; the last time I was in Paris, France was still using francs and the dollar was stronger. I'd like a good, interesting meal, in someplace where we can talk and enjoy the evening. I don't think location is an issue. I truly appreciate your help, Jm.

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