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Sep 28, 2005 06:57 PM

Restaurants in Southern Italy and Naples

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I'm looking for restaurant recommendations around Campania. Anything from Michelin type places to street food vendors. Specifically, we will be in Benevento, Salerno, Sorrento, Naples, and Capri. But, we are willing to drive for anything spectacular.

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  1. From an e-mail message I recently sent to a friend heading to the Amalfi Peninsula:

    "A lot of expensive touristy restaurants in Capri, but one that I would recommend highly is La Savardino:

    It's a short walk from the upper town, on the way to Tiberius' villa Jovis.

    The last time we were in Sorrento it was a bit off-season, and we didn't have much luck with restaurants. One that I can recommend against is O' Parruchiano. Unless they've radically changed their ways, it's clearly a place living off of past glory. One of the worst meals I've ever had in Italy (after a delightful experience there ten years before).

    Buses by the way leave regularly for the other side of the Amalfi coast from the Sorrento train station, with stops at all the wonderful places, and you can also take the local circumvesuviano trains ( if you're interested in visiting nearby Herculaneum (Ercolo scavi), Pompei (Pompei scavi), and, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, Napoli."

    By the way, some good places for pizza in Napoli: Da Michele, Da Matteo, Ristorante Bellini, and Lombardo's (open on Sunday Night!)

    1. In Naples:

      Restaurant 53 on Piazza Dante.

      Also, a fabulous place that for some reason doesn't get as much attention as some of the others: Masaniello (or I Masanielli, it seems to go by both) on Riviera de Chiaia. It was recommended to us by Napolitano friends and we went back three times in a week!

      For pastries, Scaturchio

      1. Well, if you are going to be in Sorrento, You could go to Il Buco on Rampa Marina Piccola. It used to have a michelen star, I'm not sure it still does. But I've had some really nice meals there. And the price, while not low, is less than you would pay in Rome for the same quality food. I've also heard that Caruso is good but I've never been.
        Of course, if you really want to go all out - 2 of the top 10 restuarants in Italy are in this area. Don Alfonso 1890 in Massa Lubrese and la Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense (this is nearer sorrento).

        1. You are going to my homeland. There are some excellent restaurants, but your best experiences will be in modest establishments. In Naples proper, I recommend pizza at Di Mateo and dinner at Mimi alla Ferrovia and at Valdinchena in the Chia neighborhood. If you have a car travel to Irpinia/Avellino and go to the following restaurants: Di Pietro, Oasis, Il Gastronomo, Locanda di Bu, and Valle Verde for great classics. The Avellino area is where the best food in Campania exists. In the Salerno area go to Nonna Scepa. The Michellin restaurants that someone else recommended, namely Don Alfonso and the Torre, are not worth your hard earned money.

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            If you are familiar with Naples, can you tell me anything about this place?
            It is supposed to be a cult restaurant that is run by "foodies" . It is only opened on Friday and Saturday, and uses historical recipes to recreate ancient menus from Italy. I cannot find much information about them, and I am wondering if anyone has had an experience--good or bad--there. Thank you.
            Associazione Simposium
            Via Benedetto Croce, 38
            Naples, 80145
            Tel: +39 0815518510

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            Lori McLaughlin

            Once you've finished with the pizza in Naples, try seafood. La Bersigliera right on the water near Castel d'Ovo is very good. In nearby Pompeii, my favorite is Il Principe--great Italian food with the corniness of Dean martin and Frankie playing in the background.

            As a couple of others have suggested, pass on the Michelin big boys in this area--Don Alfonso is overrated and not worth the $$ for what you can find elsewhere.