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Sep 21, 2005 06:05 PM

good portuguese food in Macau

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can anyone suggest an excellent Portuguese restaurant in Macau?

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    Michael Rodriguez

    A Lorcha, near the Maritime Museum.

    1. There is a place called Galo on Taipa island - if you get in a cab and tell the driver to go to Galo on Taipa - they hopefully should know where to go. There are numerous decent portuguese restaurants in Macau. Try a couple.

      There used to be a place called Solmar - but not sure if it is there anymore - great African chicken.

      1. Espaço Lisboa, on Coloane Island. Excellent food, impeccable service, and Portuguese ambience. Afterwards, go to Lord Stowe’s bakery for the best natas (custard tarts) in Macau!

        1. Though Macanese rather than Portuguese, Henri's Galley is not to be missed.

          1. Fernando's in hac sa beach, coloanne. i will return there. great food.
            a Lorcha. excellent fried rice with portuguese sausage.
            la latina, good food/service , great location across senado square downtown
            cvb at mandarin oriental hotel; excellent african chicken. surprisingly, the food in this place is just 10% more than outside restaurants. but the quality and ambiance make it a value.