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Spending 3 days in Prague next month. Looking for restaurants. Have found many references for Budapest and Vienna (also on itinerary) but nothing for Prague. Help!

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  1. http://www.squaremeal.cz/

    Classic czech cuisine - intimate space

    Traditonal czech cuisine.

    Contemporary czech cuisine - highly recommended

    Seasonal czech served in a restrained art nouveau space.

    The French restaurant - beautiful art nouveau space.

    1. Here's a link to one Prague thread.

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      1. Here's my post from an earlier thread.

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        1. Just back from Prague, best meal we had was at Bellevue, wonderful food, beautiful view of the Charles River, sitting on the terrace, service was good, and compared to other places we ate, oustanding.

          1. Hey there, l've lived in Prague the past couple of years and can highly recommend a few places to you. Go to Namest Miru (metro stop on the A line) and go down into a basement restaurant called DOBA. Great svickova (WHICH IS A MUST IF YOU ARE IN PRAGUE) and bramboraky (potato pancakes). Another one of my favorites is Hajnovka...the svickova and duck are tops! Plus, the prices are great at both.

            1. We're going to Prague for 3 days next month also and staying in an apartment in the old city center. One of the people at Old Town Apartments sent me this list. He said local and not touristy.

              City Source Name Address Link Cuisine
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Zpěváčků Na Struze 7 www.restauraceuzpevacku.com
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Parlamentu Valentinská 8
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation Krásný Ztráty Náprstkova 10 www.krasnyztraty.cz
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation Týnská literární kavárna Týnská 6 www.knihytynska.cz Cafeteria
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Kalendů Rašínovo nábřeží 58
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Ampezónů www.uampezonu.cz
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Havrana Hálkova 6 www.restauraceuhavrana.cz
              Prague Tomas' Recommendation U Sudu Vodičkova 10 www.usudu.cz

              I can email the file if you can't read this.