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Aug 8, 2005 09:40 PM

Cheap Eats Bangkok

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Finally put up Cheap Eats Bangkok.
I thought I had tons of places, but now it doesn't seem like that many.

I hope it will help to break the ice for the newbie heading to Bangkok.
With all the carts, stalls and shops, many find it overwhelming and pass them up altogether.
Maybe this will offer a starting point.

When ready to enter the site, click on the tuk tuk.
From there, you'll find the different eateries listed.

All the places will have map references on their location page.
On these maps, you can also find other eateries available.


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  1. !!!!! This is so cool...many thanks for the GREAT information and pic...and the tuk tuk with it's little smog cloud is hilarious....

    1. What a great website--full of information and so well organized and user-friendly. Great job, Curt.

      1. Wow - great site - will be using this for a lot of information when I am in Bangkok at the end of the month - was wondering where to find information on all the stalls in BKK - was looking forward to noodles, satays, fried chicken, etc, etc - Now I know where to go and some of these places are quite close to my hotel - thanks for compiling this information, so concisely and in such a fun manner ! Good job.

        1. Thank you so much.
          I will be there in January.
          Do you recommend any restaurants other than street food near the Four Seasons?
          Somewhere where you would spend more time and linger over a meal.

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          1. re: erly

            I'm sure your hotel will have some nice offerings.
            In my experience, most of the "better" restaurants have let me down.

            I was once informed, on the LA bords, that a knowledge of Thai street food is irrelevant when dicussing "proper Thai cuisine".
            IMHO, there's nothing offered by a top restaurant that can't be blown away by the right street vendor!
            Street food is the same food, without the smoke and mirrors!

            Although the food's nothing to draw a crowd, Vertigo, at the Banyan Tree, would be a wonderful place for cocktails.

            If you have some time, and would like a nice evening on the Chao Phraya river, I highly recommend the Riverside Bangkok's dinner cruise.
            It's listed on my site.

            If "foodfirst" doesn't pipe in here, try posting a newer topic.
            She's got a better list of nicer places.

          2. It looks like Curt's website is down, but you can still check out his great Google Map: