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Aug 3, 2005 09:55 PM


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My wife and I are traveling to Sardinia and staying at Hotel Cala di Volpe (on Miles!!). While we have heard good things about restaurant, it is supposed to be exspensive. We are looking for good simple food. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Where is the hotel? If it is in or near Alghero, I can give some recs...

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      The hotel is near Porto Cervo on the Costa Smerelda

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        Sorry I can't help you. Generally, however, we found eating in Sardinia to be a delight. There is, of course, an emphasis on seafood, whether served as mixed platters of frito misto, or in pastas and on pizzas. We also found some interesting regional specialities, especially pastries and breads. There are also many wineries on Sardinia; we particularly enjoyed the wines from Sella & Mosca.

        And then there are those breathtaking beaches... Enjoy!

    2. I have not been to Costa Smeralda in a year and quite a bit can change in that time. Porto Cervo is in an area known as Arzachena and there is a lot of small hidden restaurants in the area. However, the two restaurants that I would highly recommend are: 1) L'Oblò location=Poltu Quatu, tel. 078999389-It is a fish restaurant located in the port Quatu and they have some of the freshest fish in the area. They are open very late and are very friendly. 2) There is a Brazilian churrasciara in between Poltu Quatu and Porto Cervo that is fabulous. The scene is young and it is a loud party atmosphere. Seeing as Sardinia is more of a meat lover's region, you may want to take advantage of the local food-even if it is with Brazilian flavors.

      1. We are visiting Sardinia for the first time in September. Have read the earlier notes, but wondered if anyone has been more recently and can recommend restaurants in Alghero or on the south coast. Perhaps we should also mention that we do not eat meat, but love fish.

        1. Expensive is an understatement. Friends of mine were recently there in May. The only option for lunch is a €140/person set menu!! For lunch! At least you are going on miles--they paid for their trip and were very underwhelmed to say the least. Sorry...