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Jul 15, 2005 01:56 AM

French regional cuisine in Paris

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I'm going to be going to Paris in a couple of months, and am interested in sampling the various regional cuisines of France. I am curious about any place serving good regonial French cuisine. While I would like to sample a place from every region in France, I know I won't have time to try them all. Regardless I would like to know what's out there.

Here is what I have found so far:

Provonce - Bastide Odeon
Basque - Au Bascou
Lyonnais - Aux Lyonnais, Moissonnier
Auvergne - La Lozere, Ambassade d'Auvergne
Gascony - Au Trou Gascon
Franche-Comte - Chez Maitre Paul


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  1. Good list. If you do all of these you will have done very well indeed. Add L'Alsaco for Alsatian and Vivario for Corsican.

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    1. re: JmVikmanis

      A big yes for l'Alsaco.

    2. I've been to three of the restaurants on your list.

      1) Moissonier in a wonderful, little place and they serve really excellent quenelles.

      2) Ambassade d'Auvergne is also quite enjoyable and, of course, whatever your main course, you must have the aligot as a side dish.

      3) Chez Maitre Paul was good a long time ago. They gave the place a face lift several years back and it seemed to lose all its charm and character. There must have been a simultaneous change in the kitchen, as well, because we were less than thrilled with our last meal there. However, many folks swear by the chicken in yellow wine, which is, I believe, their specialty.

      If I had to choose, I'd go with Moissonier first, then the Ambassade. I wouldn't go back to Chez Maitre Paul.

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      1. re: Deenso

        I've seen the debate over possibly falling standards at Chez Maitre Paul but we go ever time we're in Paris and continue to debate whether the chicken in yellow wine or the chicken in cheese and morels is best. Either way, you can't lose. Still good in my book.

      2. D'CHEZ EUX
        2 av. Lowendal

        This is the best Southwest France cuisine in Paris in my humble opinion. Don't miss the SW !

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        1. re: clipper7

          This used to be one of our favorite places to go, but we went in July and were disappointed. (Actually, we got what we expected, since we heard it had gone downhill, but went just the same to find out if the rumors were true.) The prices far exceed the quality of the food. Would not go back.

          1. re: boredough

            It changed owner and chef, actually. So it was not so much downhill as down the cliff.

        2. b
          Bill Strzempek

          For more aligot, saucisse, lentils, etc. you could add:

          La Galoche d'Aurillac
          41, rue de Lappe

          le patron is very "sympa"

          and one of my faves when ravenous, portions are HUGE:

          Le Plomb du Cantal
          4, rue de la Gaite

          1. Ambassade d'auvergne and L'alsaco are great;

            I would add :
            paris main d'or (11e) for corsican
            either l'ami jean or aux fins gourmets (both 7e) for basque,
            l'auberge bressane (7e) for lyonnais-burgundy