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Jun 10, 2005 04:36 PM

South Africa - Capetown and Winelands Recs Needed

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I am heading to south africa for my honeymoon in Sept. We will have 4 nights in Cape Town and 2 nights in the Winelands. Looking for restaurant recommendations... a mix of high end meals, and very local, low key places with great food. We eat anything and everything. Both lunch and dinner recs appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Cape Town we LOVED a restaurant called Five Flies downtown. Over in Camps Bay there are a bunch of restaurants that are expensive and touristy, but I had some of the best fish of my life at Barraza. Drinks at the posh Eclipse were awesome and the view of the sunset rocked.

    In the Malay village of Bo Kaap (close to downtown) is a very traditional, incredibly tasty restaurnat called Beismillah that we loved. Very bare bones and lots of locals. It's Muslim so they don't serve alcohol. A great experience. Good for lunch or dinner. Spectacular curries.

    You MUST check out La Petite Ferme in Franschoek. They only do lunch and it is superb. The views and the setting are gorgeous. My sister went and made me promise to go and it was even better than expected (and she gave it quite a build up).

    Everyone mentions the Codfather in Camps Bay but we forgot to go.

    Have fun!

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      Mandy, did you actually stay at the Petite Ferme or just eat there? I am looking for a cozy guesthouse with beautiful scenery in the Winelands for two nights and am drawn towards Franschoek. Any recs for place to sleep?


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        Well, Petite Ferme has gorgeous scenery. I imagine the accommodation would be nice, too.

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          We spent three nights there and I give my highest recommendation to:

          This guesthouse is within a 5 minute walk of the town center; PF is outside of town but does have a wonderful view. I thought the food was just okay, though.

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            Totally agree re: Akademie Street Guesthouse --- LOVED it there.

            And, speaking of food - great breakfast.

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          I loved Le Petite Ferme. The setting is gorgeous and the food was excellent. I've written an entry in my blog with some photos here. Thought I'd share since I couldn't find much info when I was researching for my trip. Hope this helps!

          My Le Petite Ferme Review

          I also went to Cod Father in Camps Bay. It's pretty cool since you can pick your fish out from a glass case in the front of the restaurant. More picks below:

          Cod Father

          I also managed to hit up Reuben's which was I really liked too. Great food and reasonable prices.

          Man I miss Cape Town!

        3. Cape Town: Caveau ( is a great wine & tapas bar in the city bowl that uses only local ingredients. also can try almost a hundred SA wines by the glass.
          around the corner is savoy cabage -- one of my favorite places to eat in Cape Town. definetely plan to take walk down long street on a friday or sat night for one hell of a jol.
          in the wine country go for lunch at Bread & Wine (a british chef took over) and does world class Charcuterie (make a reservation). in Franschhoek the le quaterier francis ( tasting menu is spectacular. but my favorite restaurant in the wine country is Ruebens. Chef Rueben is truly creating exciting new South African food. enjoy

          1. hope you said you like franchoek,why dont you try the franchoek hotel lovely rooms fantatic spa and views to die for youl love it