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Jun 10, 2005 10:14 AM

Paris - Huitres et Enfants

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(1) Huitres! Any marvellous brasseries or restaurants for raw oysters? You see them advertised all over the place in Montparnasse, but curious if anyone knows of a special place to chow down on massive amounts of oysters.

(2) Children! Any recommendations for child-friendly and chow-friendly restaurants, bistros, etc. (oysters or not)?

Thank you very much. Leaving in a week and have not been to Paris since before our children were born...

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  1. There have been several posts regarding eating with children in Paris here on this board over the past month or two. It would be well worth your while to spend 15 or 20 minutes to scroll down thru the prior posts to find them. Bon voyage!

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      I did, but there is only one recommendation for restaurants that are child-friendly!

      Help! Surely there are several places in Paris that tolerate children but still serve authentic and well-prepared food. Thanks.

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        I came to this thread late, but assuming you have reasonably well behaved children, I think your children will be well received at most restaurants in Paris. Be prepared with quiet things for them to do at the table and you will be fine. Remember that the French often bring their own children to restaurants, especially for Sunday lunch.

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          Thank you for this thread. I have come to the thread even later than Mr. Newel, but I have similar questions. Or at least a refinement of the question. I'm hoping to repeat the success of some of the respondents below, in part by reserving at the earliest hour (typically anticipating about 7 pm), and by bringing my 5-year-old's coloring "journal" along. But for our 2-year-old, I'm thinking the most effective way to keep him pacified while we enjoy the meal after he's finished his, is to bring along our portable DVD player and headphones. I already know he will wear the headphones, so no problem with that. But would it be considered just too tacky to amuse a child that way in a Parisian restaurant, or would it be appreciated by other diners (if there are any that early) for its effectiveness?

      2. There are many good seafood places in Paris. Years ago, I had a great lunch at Le Bar a Huitres which was on Rue St. Jacques at Cluny. L'Arbuci is another in the 6th.. or La Mediteranee.

        1. My husband and I brought our son, at age 10, to Paris, and, a few years later, we brought our daughter, at age 7. We chose restaurants for dinner solely based on our adult preferences for a certain type of cuisine and a certain type of atmosphere, and we always made reservations not before 8:30. In each and every case, our children were welcome and ate well. For my daughter, bringing a little sketch pad and colored pencils proved to be a good idea to keep her occupied during the wait between courses.

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          1. re: Nancy S.

            Interesting. Are you saying that, with kids, it is advisable to eat *after* 8:30? I would have thought we should eat earlier.

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              The French eat on the later side. Often, before 8:30, a restaurant in Paris barely occupied. If you have dinner at 8:30, you usually get the table for the night. For me and my family, this is ideal.

            2. re: Nancy S.

              I second La Mediterranee, also The Brasserie Suffren at La Motte-Picquet. There is also Boffinger at the Bastille and many others. Any place with a big raw bar outside that looks active and inviting should do you right for oysters, if not the entire dining experience.

            3. I have recommended Apollo twice before, so it may be the place you found. It makes a big point of being child friendly and says it has face painting one of the weekend days (can't remmber which). The wonderful thing is that it has a spacious back terrace away from traffic. Food is fine. "Formule" 18 euros at lunch. 3 Place Denfert- Rochereau. 17th.