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May 31, 2005 07:53 PM

Help me find the buffala (Campania)

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I can not find any info on visiting a mozzarella di buffala maker in Italy. I know they are out there, and I've read that they are mostly around Battipaglia. Would like to see how it is made and eat some fresh mozzarella on the spot. Want a place where they have the buffala there, not one where they bring in the milk. Any tips appreciated.

(We'll be based in Sorrento, so anything between Naples and down to Paestum will work)


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  1. Buy some of it in packages here in the States, and read where the manufacturers are...

    1. You might want to contact the SlowFood group. Check out their website at
      They specialize in information about artisinal food producers and authentic dining experiences.
      If you send them an e-mail, they might be able to answer your question.


        Listing of all the regions where it's produced, and the producers.

        Amazing what a little google can do ya :-)

        1. If you look on Arthur Schwartz' website ( you will find information on a farm outside Paestum where water buffaloes are raised and, I believe, the cheese is made. You can stay there, go for meals, and take cooking classes. He has mentioned this agriturismo often on his radio shows but I forget the name.

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            It is called Tenuta Seliano. Try for more information. They do make the cheese there.

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            From Solerno, drive to Battipaglia. From Battipaglia, drive to Paestum. You'll run into hundreds of them along the road with buffalo farms all around. We just stopped at one of the shops and had a wonderful meal of smoked mozzarella with olive oil on top.

            A visit to Paestum is essential to see the amazing ruins.