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May 22, 2005 07:05 PM

is there good hot pizza by the slice in Tokyo?

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I have seen pizza-like products at some of the gourmet bakeries around town. What I am craving is a pizza-by-the-slice just like in New York City. Am I looking for the impossible?

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  1. Hi Laura-san,

    The only place I know of serving anything that vaguely resembles a New York style pizza-by-the-slice is...God, I'm so embarrassed to know this...the window in the wall at Gaspanic in Roppongi. This is hot pizza, but this is not good pizza. This is very bad pizza.

    Come to think of it, there is another place in Roppongi that sells by-the-slice. It is one of those food trucks that parks out on the main drag. And, the style of pizza is more along the lines of maybe a Round Table thin-crust pie. And, I kid you not...and am once again ashamed to know this...after the guy running the pizza truck warms up the slice, he takes a butane torch, (the kind one would use when making creme brulee), and applies the flame to the cheese, creating a golden brown and bubbly top. Mmmm, pepperoni and butane! Just like Mom used to make. This pizza tastes even worse than Gaspanic's pathetic excuse of a slice.

    These are the only two options that I know of for pizza-by-the-slice. Hot? yes. Uh, just ran out of positive things to say.


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    1. re: Andy P.

      And why would you know anything about Gaspanic, Andy?! ;-) You're making me feel a little better about having moved back to NY, though.

      1. re: Rachel M.

        Arigato. Andy-san, I think I saw you at Gas Panic the other night. Was that you leaning against the wall snarfing down the pizza? Saw you later on the dance floor with the cheese still on your chin...

        Andy-san, why don`t you open up a pizza place? You seem to know what constitutes a good thing! I will be your best customer. But please, no butane...

    2. I haven't been, but Tony's in Kichijoji apparently does pizza by the slice. 0422-49-1021.

      1. There's Rocco's by Oji Station. When you get to the station, get to the surface, cross through the tunnel, hang a sharp right, and follow the road up a couple blocks. It'll be on your left and you can't miss it! It's a slice of home for sure (it's owned by a nice couple who are from the states). I had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of cheese (washed it down with a tequila sunrise)... I filled up, which is a funny thing to say about Tokyo pizza (I'd been to Shakey's before, and half a pizza didn't even do the trick). There's a YouTube video if you look it up, and you can get a first person POV of the guy heading to the joint for a slice!

        1. Like I said in other posts which others here tend to disagree. Costco has a decent and CHEAP slice. Haha