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May 4, 2005 02:57 PM

Zacatecas, Mexico report

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Spent a couple days last week in Zacatecas, and here is a report:

The Paraiso is nice for drinks and apperizers.

The Acropolis serves terrific, light meals with a Greek influence (the tacos are made with pita bread instead of tortillas). We enjoyed the chicken fajitas on pita, and the taquitos, which came with lovely sides of rice and potato salad.

The restaurant at the Camino Real, built into the oldest bull ring in Mexico, is one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Go at sunset for a lovely, romantic experience. We liked the salads. We tried the Ceasar and the mixed greens with fried shrimp, both delightful. We also enjoyed the margueritas and tasty, tender steaks.

Terrific gorditas are available at Gorditas Doña Julia, next to the Hotel Argento Inn.

We stayed at the Argento, it has parking conveniently located in the building, and pleasant rooms. The interior ones are quiet, but dark. The exterior ones are noisy but sunny. We had the breakfast buffet there, which was good, but not nearly as good as the one at the Hotel Emporio, across from the Cathedral. A must.

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  1. Thanks for the report travisleroy! I love that part of Mexico!

    1. A fun place to check out as well, tho off the beaten path, is El Laberinto. Meander through a small maze of alleys and you'll find locals selling fresh nopalitos, tunas (prickley pears) and maybe some aguamiel... but once you arrive at el laberinto you can have a try at zacatecas-style birria. There are also several cheese stores specializing in mennonite cheeses. So good!

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        Yes! Mercado El Laberinto had the best birria we've tasted in Mexico. (Also the first time we ate it.)
        For excellent menudo, if that's your thing, go in the morning to Menudería La Güera, in Plazuela Genaro Codina.