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May 3, 2005 12:54 PM

Australia - high food hopes

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I will be traveling to Australia this August. As a (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, I am wondering if there are any regional foods that I can look forward to. Any suggestions for great vegetarian dishes to look for on menus?

Incidentally, we'll be going to Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, and Sydney. Any specific vegetarian friendly restaurants or pubs would be greatly appreciated as well!! Many thanks.

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  1. I think your best bet will be the many Indian Restraunts that are around. I am a meat eater so I cannot give any specific recommendation but virtually all the Indian restraunts have vegetarion only options. There was one vrgetarian restraunt I ate at in Melbourne. It was in a distric called St Kilda. It is just south of Melbourne. It was upstairs in the same building as the public spa. It is a heritage building just north of St Kilda on the bay side so it has a great view. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the meal.


    1. Well I'm not really into vegetarian myself, so I dont know whats particualrly good, but what did take me to An indian vegaetarian place in Sydney really was Govindas in the eastern Suburbs of Sydney

      Above the resturant they show movies in very very comfortable semi lie-down cushoined seats. A rather nice experience after your dinner if you happen to see a movie you like

      Soemwhat of a unique experience. Theres a whole lot of bars and cafes around that area afterwards if you want to continue your night


      1. You've not said how much you're willing to spend, where you'll be staying in Sydney nor whether you'll have access to a car

        Sure - Indian restaurants offer to widest range of vego options...

        But every mid-to-high range restaurant in Sydney, Melbourne or any other capital city will have at least one vego option on the menu, and you can be sure it'll be good, too

        1. Shakahari Restaurant - Faraday St, Carlton Melbourne - is a dedicated vegetarian restaurant that my vegan manager swore by. Although depending on what you mean by regionality it may not be what you're after.

          Tjanabi in Federation Square (Melbourne) is a restaurant that features seasonal indigenous ingredients - the menu is pretty meat heavy but there are some interesting looking vegetarian options. You can view their menus here:

          1. Lebanese restaurants also have some good vegetarian food.