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Munich Restaurants?

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I am going to Munich for the first time in about a week.

Any recommendations? Any great traditional Bavarian places (whatever that means?)? Any places of note other than Tantris? If you've been to Tantris, any thoughts?


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  1. been living in munich and after the great food at home, specifically philadelphia, i have been totally underwhelmed by the food here in munich. i guess i am spoiled by really good innovative food on the east coast and there's not a lot of that here. but there’s good basic german food and some other exceptions, which i will tell you about.

    beer is king here and i am hoping for your sake that the weather is great so you can have the quintessential munich experience of an afternoon in a beer garden. they are all terrific, but my favorites are the augustiner at arnulfstrasse 52, the chinese tower in the english garden and the hofbraukeller at weinerplatz. in a true beer garden (not restaurants with outdoor seating areas), in the area where there are no table cloths, you may bring your own picnic!

    you should definitely eat some german food in a traditional venue. we like the wirtshaus in der au, which is charming and friendly. here's their website:

    another really atmospheric place is the augustiner braustuben, landsbergerstrasse 19, phone 089 507047, which is the old augustiner brewery. i would eat on the more rowdy brewery side which is on your right as you enter rather than the traditional restaurant. you can get all the standard stuff in there including a schweinshaxe, which is a pork knuckle. it is delicious beyond all belief. for the faint of heart, order a halbehaxe, half a knuckle.

    if you are feeling overwhelmed by all that heavy german food, you can get good indian food at swagat, prinzregentenplatz 13, phone 089 47084844 and at new delhi, ismaningerstr. 17, phone 089 98104943.

    for good pizza, riva, at tal 44, city center, phone 089 220240, is your only choice as far as i am concerned.

    a lovely french place is la bouille, neureutherstr. 15, phone 089 399936. another is rue des halles, steinstr. 18, phone 089 485675.

    one quick thing i ought to note is that, in many cases, german service is really shoddy. forget about everyone eating at the same time. if you want to eat your food while it is hot, jump in when it is served, because, except at the really high end places, the concept of bringing everyone’s food at the same time is non existent here..

    it’s a lovely city, particularly when the sun is shining.

    for a true insider’s guide to munich in english, go to www.toytownmunich.com where the is a wealth of information and extremely lively forum.

    hope i have helped! have fun!

    1. I used to commute to Munich for work a couple of years ago... But that's another story.

      Never went to Tantris

      Potterstreet is quite right - the food can be a bit underwhelming - OK if you like roast pork ans sausages.

      As regards eating establishments - bear in mind that these comments are form a few years ago.

      Another thing that struck me as a little odd - at the start of working there was you'd go into a restaurant - ask to be seated - and quite often you'd end up sharing a table with other folks. Nothing wrong with this - just a little odd at first.

      I don't have the addresses - it was a couple of years ago. You should be able to find them on the net.

      Bavarian Restaurants.

      I agree about the Augustiner on Landsbergerstrasse.

      Andechser Am Dom - close by the Frauenkirche in the city centre - extremely good beer - food OK too - you may need to reserve as it gets busy.

      zum Durnbrau (just off the Tal) - excellent charcterful place - used to visit fairly frequently. Great dark beer - food pretty good (by Bavarian standards). Worth a visit.

      Bratwurstherzl - near the food market. Nice ambience - good suasages and beer - good value.

      Spatenhaus - opposite the Opera. Good Bavarian restaurant - always seemed full. You'd probably have to reserve.

      Georgenhof - up in the north part of the city - the arty area. Good food and atmosphere.

      Hackerhaus - had reasonable meals here. I prefer the other places I mentioned though.

      I think you should at least try the Hofbrauhaus - for a beer and to listen to the umpah band once.


      Ruen Thai. Really excellent Thai restauarnt a little way out of town heading west - you can get to it via the subway (Heimeranplatz) - you'll need a map to find the place. Nice people. Excellent selection of wines.

      Others - there are loads of Italian restaurants (Italy is quite close) and French places.

      Have fun.


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        Joan Kureczka

        We go about once a year at the end of October for the mineral show. Definitely agree with the recommendations for Andechser am Dom -- great place to hang out even if you don't go for dinner (you probably need to book at table if you do, as it's a smalller place and very popular). Their helles is one of the world's greatest beers. It's a quite social, see and be seen sort of place, and one of our regulars for drinks.

        I'd also agree with Spatenhaus am der Opera, which is rather more upscale with very good food.

        But our absolute favorite is the Weisses Brauhaus. Great, great Bavarian food in one of the largest, least touristy beer halls. The beer is the original Munich Wheat Beer, Schneiderweiss. Moreover as we have tracked improvements here over the past 7 or 8 years, they have greatly upgraded the quality of cooking, modernizing and lightening the Bavarian dishes slightly while still keeping to tradition. A wonderful and entertaining place in an old, art nouveau hall. They also have some of the best weisswurst in Munich, running their own butchershop. Also killer potato soup seasoned with marjoram.

        All three of these are in the old center of Munich.

        I also agree with the comment to go out to the Englisher Garten and the beer garden there. Lovely setting on a nice day. Get a roast chicken and have lunch.

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          Also at the Weisses Brauhaus, make sure to try the Aventinus, a starkbier (stong beer).
          A great beer garden in the suburbs (take the S bahn, then a pleasant country walk) is Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe. I've put in a link to it and other Munich beergardens below. Anyway, I've tried to do so.

          Link: http://www.beerdrinkersguide.com/BDGW...

          Image: http://www.beerdrinkersguide.com/BDGW...

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          torta basilica

          Where are you staying? Oh well, Munich isn't that large, so here goes... I totally agree with the Augustiner, Spatenhaus, Weisses Bräuhaus & zum Dürner - all really good German food & great atmosphere - try to hit them all. Avoid the Rathaus - worth a look to visit, but don't eat there. The Hofbrauhaus must be visited at least once too - go to one of the big Stammtisches (community tables), have a beer & a huge pretzel & make new friends. Nürnburger Bratwurstl am Dom is one of the oldest in Munich, good, but rushed sometimes unfriendly service - ask for the Dürer Room way upstairs - it's a little quieter & more enjoyable.

          For great seafood, don't miss Austernkeller - a little kitschy, but charming inside - lobster thermidor to die for! (I'd forgotten I liked it that much!)

          For pure decadence, go to Dallmayer's & have champagne & fresh oysters in the afternoon - yumm!! Then cruise their food counters - unbelieveable!

          Haxenbauer if you like huge hunks of grilled meat & schwein off the spit - other food is good here too - don't miss the radishes with butter & dark bread & lots of salt - yumm! Go in the restaurant back door closest to the Hofbrauhaus towards the Hofgarten - I like that side of the restaurant better.

          If you like Coffee & Küchen (cakes, pastries, etc), the Cafe Glockspiel on Marienplatz is fun - get there early to secure a window seat before the Rathaus's Glockenspiel starts - great view of it as you're 5 stories up & straight across. The bakeries downstairs in the Hauptbahnhof have some of the best pastries & they're less expensive than the fancy cafes.

          For bars, Wünderbar & Nachtcafe used to be fun, but I haven't been to either for awhile. The lobby bar of the Vier Jahreszeiten (old-style) or the Mandarin Rafael (more modern) are great just to watch the (well-dressed) world go by. Schumann's is a trip - wear black & don't expect to be able to sit down - all of the tables always seem to be reserved. Also had fun at Havana a few years ago, but I don't know if it's still there.

          Kay's Bistro is a lively & fun little hip restaurant off the Viktualienmarkt. Also here is zum Alten Markt, which is fairly inexpensive, charming (sit outside if the weather's nice) German & Italian food.

          You should also visit Schwabing & Locanda Picolit is a cute Italian restaurant with pretty good food & a charming view - you feel like you're in Ravello!

          I haven't eaten at Tantris, but have at A. Boettner & wasn't all that excited.

          For a change from German food, I always liked the Kuhl Bar across from the MO Rafael Hotel - nice little place that you don't hear much about.

          Probably my favorite thing to do food-wise in Munich is to go to the Viktualienmarkt (open air food market) - in the morning for Weisswurst, Brötchen & Bier (breakfast of champions!!) & later to put together a picnic to enjoy there or in the lovely Englisher Garten - hopefully the weather is nice.

          Whew! Can you tell I love eating & hanging out in Munich?! Have a great time in one of my favorite cities in the world!

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            sadly, kay's bistro, mentioned above, is closed permanently.

            1. re: potterstreet
              torta basilica

              No wonder we couldn't find it our last visit - thought I was losing my mind! That is sad news - had some fun dinners there.

          2. Thanks everyone. Extremely helpful.

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              torta basilica

              Now we dare you to not gain 10 lbs!! Walk everywhere is my advice!

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                Actually, I am a little more worried about my week in France after my cruise through Munich and the Alps and Northern Italy. French food is my weakness....And yes, walking is key.

            2. Everybody named a lot of great places. I personally do not like all of them, especially not Dürnbräu, Schumanns, Andechser and Boettner, but nevertheless you definitely should at least see all of the mentioned places - in order to get your own impression and because they are touristy landmarks. And the fact that all of them are packed may be a hint, that I am possibly wrong in dislinking them.
              Nevertheless I would like to point at an area which is less touristy and where you just should walk around and then select the place you personally like most: the triangle between Max-Weber-Platz, Rosenheimer Platz and Ostbahnhof, named Haidhausen. Much better tourist/local ratio than for example downtown or Schwabing. The crowd is mostly around 30, but varies very much from place to place.
              In my eyes the highlights – not necessarily in this order:
              Vinaiolo, one Michelin-star Italian with interesting interior design. www.vinaiolo.de
              Rue des Halles, classic French, presently closed for renovation, but scheduled to reopen late May under new ownership.
              Mezzodie, friendly Italian wine store and snacks with a few tables inside and on the street, unfortunately closing at around 8 pm. Steinstrasse 45
              My personal favourite these days: NoMiYa, Bavarian Japanese fusion, excellent Yakitori and Ramen – among other sensations. www.nomiya.de
              MariaPassange, the most secret bar, with shushi www.maria-passagne.de
              Negroni, just moved here from a smaller location: excellent cocktails, excellent pasta, bruschetta aglio to die for. Sedanstraße 9. Fridays packed.
              Le Faubourg, generally praised French cuisine at affordable prices, Kirchenstraße 5
              Le Moccar, Tex-Mex, opended maybe 4 weeks ago, Steinstraße 79, www.moccar.de
              Café Voila, international cuisine, great (and big) schnitzel. Wörthstraße 5
              Juleps, one of the first TexMex in Munich, www.juleps.de, a classic.
              Weinhäusl, smallest beergarden of Munich, Wiener Platz 3
              And there are around 250 more noteworthy places – from Thai to Balkan- in easy walking distance.
              O yes, your question: Tantris has been the best in Munich for 30 years. And still is. But as you intend to visit France too ...

              1. I always make time to go to Dallmayr's when I'm in Munich and they apparently have a restaurant but I've never eaten there. They have a store that sells chocolate, pastries and all kinds of other goodies which is what lures me in. It is always crowded and for all I know, it may be one of those tourist type destinations but, I have a good time in that store!

                Link: http://www.dallmayr.de/indexC.htm

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                  dallmayr's is fantastic and their restaurant has good seafood! another great food hall is kafer on prinzregentenstr 73, near villa stuck, a great museum with tons of examples of jugendstil (german version of art nouveau).

                  weather here is great right now! enjoy, and get into the beer gardens!

                2. A person who I have the utmost regard for when it comes to reviewing restaurants just gave Acquerello (an Italian restaurant with 1 Michelin star) rave reviews. I cannot repost it here since the review is copywrited by you can find it on www.gastroville.com

                  The reviewer knows a lot about Italian food and put this restaurant on the same level as several 2 star restaurants in Italy.

                  PS I hope refering someone to another website is ok since the information is copywriting. If it were my own review I would have posted it directly.

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                    Heading to Munich and the surrounding Christmas markets in December (2008) - any updated suggestions in this area? Thanks.

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                      Hi. We live part of the time in Munich, and are very critical of food. So here are our tips:

                      - Dallmayr's restaurant is very good. Old world, but good. Entrance is a small little staircase in the main hall which is very easy to miss.

                      - Restaurant Zauberberg, Hedwigstr. 14 is outside of the city center, but its a little treat. The chef used to work for someone we know and he's been very consistent. I've linked it.

                      - Blauer Bock in the city center next to the Viktualien Market is also good. http://www.restaurant-blauerbock.de/

                      - If you're into wine (I mean seriously into wine), then try the Geisel Family's Vinothek in Hotel Excelsior (linked). The family is into wine, so they have a fantastic offering of reasonable wines from all over Europe. Food is good, but don't expect Michelin-star creativity. The other good wine place is Ruen Thai (yes, a Thai restaurant - linked). The owner is called Annui. He is the only person I've met in the world that can successfully pair wines with spicy Thai food. And he has one of the largest wine collections in a restaurant in Germany.

                      Acquerello, Tantris, Hotel Koenigshof, Kaefer and others are very expensive, for what you get. I've visited all often in the past and have decided not to visit them anymore. We have a short list that we built over the years.

                      Hedwigstr. 14 M

                      Hotel Excelsior

                      Restaurant R
                      Kazmairstr. 58 M

                  2. I think Tantris is fun if you have the cash. You could check out the saturday lunch, wine included for 105 euro. Also I think they recently added a lounge with less expensive bar snacks to attract younger people. I've also really enjoyed the meals I've had at Terrine, but there are plenty of places without michelin stars in the 35-40 euro menu range that are extremely good.

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                      I have to second the Tantris endorsement, but Christian Jürgens at the Tegernssee just 45 minutes away is much better in my opinion. Just reviewed him on my blog...

                      In Munich, try Terrine which is a more modern restaurant which received its first star this year and does also belong to Eichbauer's kingdom (owner of Tantris and Terrine). http://www.terrine.de/

                    2. Tantris is surely an excellent restaurant, but very expensive. Excellent gourmet food at reasonable prices you'd find if you head south-west towards Lake Constance on the A96. Just before Lindau you'll find the outstanding Gourmet Restaurant Lanz. Chef Anton Lanz has actually worked for many years in the Tantris: