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Apr 24, 2005 02:08 PM

AU GOURMET DE L'ISLE under new ownership (Ile St. Louis, Paris)?"

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Someone said they recently passed by the restaurant, and the new name is "Fin Gourmet".

Is it under new ownership or did they only change the name?

(I had heard great things about Au Gourmet and wanted to check it out.)

Thank you!

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  1. Yes, Au Gourmet De L'Isle is gone. In July of 2006, I went looking for it after seeing it featured on Rachael Ray's $40 a day and wanted to try that Beef Borbigione (sp?) so badly. I spend the whole day walking up and down every street on the Isle St. Louis looking for it. After 4 hours I gave up and went to a place next to a bridge that you would cross and have a wonderful view of Notre Dame. Too bad. Funny thing is, it's 2010, and the Travel Channel is airing that episode of Rachael Ray's Paris on $40 a day on November 2, and the only place still around in that episode is the open market! Sorry it took someone 5 1/2 years to answer your question.

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      Au Gourmet De I'lle closed and a restaurant called Le Fin Gourmet is now in it's place. The restaurant where she had the Beef Bourguignon is called The Polidor; it's in the Luxembourg neighborhood. We ate there when we visited. Their website it
      Sorry you missed it, but maybe you can catch it if you go back!

    2. Le Fin Gourmet, the replacement, is quite good. They serve traditional bistro fare with menus that start around 20 Euros and go up to the mid thirties. I have only been there for lunch, but believe the menus in the evening are similar.