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Mar 12, 2005 04:33 PM

Cambridge, England -- any reasonable food?

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I'm visiting Cambridge, England for several months and would really appreciate any recommendations for food shops or restaurants here. So far I've been quite disappointed with the overall quality of the food (can't go to London so often...) Admittedly living in Paris for a year before this has made the change, from a culinary perspective, difficult.

Many people recommended Brown's, which I found reasonable but not in any way outstanding. The only really lovely place I've found so far is the Cambridge Cheese Company, on All Saint's Passage -- but there's only so much cheese and specialty soup I can eat.


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  1. I've gotten the following list from a friend who lives there. I can't guarantee the quality of any, but at least it may get you started.

    The Wrestlers
    The Hopbine (Thai)
    Restaurant 22
    Yippee Noodle Bar (A la Wagamama)
    Galleria (On the river)
    Chez Gerard
    Green Dragon

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      We've just moved to Cambridge. Our search for good food has so far unearthed The Noodle Bar on Mill Road, (which is a great street to visit in itself,with loads of supermarkets selling foods and spices from all over the world); CB2 on Norfolk Street, a cafe in the daytime and a restaurant and sometimes a music/theatre venue in the evenings. Al Casbah in Mill Road does decent Algerian food. All of these places are reasonably priced and good for vegetarians and meateaters alike. A good website for happenings in Cambridge is

    2. I've been studying in Cambridge for a year and a half, and I haven't found anything great to eat here. Trattoria Pasta Fresca on Mill Road has some very good pastas but atrocious service--I've waited more than an hour for an entree on some occasions. It seems to depend on whether there is a large party in the upstairs part of the restaurant, which is difficult to ascertain as you walk in. But takeaway (take-out) service is reliable and fast.

      Somehow I've managed to miss the Cambridge Cheese Company, but now I'm eager to try it out. Thanks for the tip!

      Other than that, I would recommend saving your pounds to go back to Paris for a weekend and eat yourself silly there.

      1. Depressing to say but it's a heck of alot of rubbish. Browns blows. I can't imagine why anyone recommends this other than it's not as bad as any of the others. But it's not good.

        At the upper end there's always Midsummers House, which can be inspired but it pricey. Just outside Cambridge both Three Horseshoes (Maddingley) and Crown & Punchbowl (Horningsea) are good.

        In town, it's just so hard to think of anything that merits a second visit. The depressing thing is that after a film Nandos and Pizza Express feel like decent options.

        Sorry to be a downer.

        1. I see the OP is out of date but still-- if you are visiting faculty/postdoc, certain colleges are worth getting an invite to high table. Kings I'm most impressed with--it has some incredible food and an astute wine committee. This is really only a plausible strategy if you work closely with a faculty member, though. Barring that, Fitzbillies' on the road near king's (trumpington?) is worth trying.

          On the whole, though, Cambridge is really chow hell (amongst other things inappropriate here...)

          1. Recently discovered Cazimir on King Street (near Jesus College)- really good cafe with decent sandwiches, soup, pastries and SALAD!!! Not bad prices either (for England).