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Mar 8, 2005 02:17 PM

Amsterdam street food

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I will be in Amsterdam next week and would appreciate any tips on inexpensive but outstanding street food of any ethnicity. Obviously, I would prefer sampling items that are indigenous to Amsterdam (I know only of the herring at the market) but would welcome all suggestions for cheap and tasty treats.

Many thanks,


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  1. Herring, herring and more herring. Not just at the market, but at street stalls all over the city...Some also sell smoked eel, other marinatd seafood, seafood salads, and fried fish fillets...I had my favorites, but I never found a bad one! ;)


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      Het Vlaamse Frietshuis on Voetboogstraat off the Spui has the best frites. The herring seller at Albert Cuyp Markt has the best Haring broodje.

      1. re: Tolstyak

        I can't believe there's a thread on Amsterdam pick-up food and it doesn't mention the delicious broodjes and cups of hot soup that are all over town.

    2. FEBO. It's an automat, where you peer into the windows and choose what you want. They have burgers, chicken sandwiches, krokets, fries, that kind of thing. It's about 1Euro 50 for something. The food is made fresh by the kitchen workers behind the glass.
      They're everywhere. Not bad tasting, either.
      You have to try it, just to say you did.

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        I love FEBO!!! Great snacks when you've just left the coffeehouse. Try the croquettes, any of them

        1. re: srr

          I admit that you qualified your statement, but FEBO is gross. Try it sometime when you're not caned. I did once and it doesn't taste the same for me enow ven when leaving a coffeehouse.

          Maoz however, is always good. And I'm partial to the Frites in the van at the Albert Cuyp Market.

          But honestly, with all the lovely baked goods you can find to nibble on in some of the coffeeshops (even without additives), and tasty fruit juices, why eat street food unless it's 3am?

      2. s

        Frites and Falafel are my two favorites. MAOZ falafel are in a few differnt sections of the city and Frite stands are all over the place, the best one IMO is located at Vooteboogstraat.

        1. I'm attaching my previous post re Amsterdam street food.


          1. Also at the Albert Kuypmarket is a stand selling fresh stroopwaffels -- two thin waffle-like wafers with a cinnamon-caramel mixture in the middle. They are spectacular. You can buy stroopwaffels all over Amsterdam, at bakeries, grocery stores, etc., but not made fresh in front of your eyes. Not to be missed!

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            1. re: Hugh B

              Second that. You put your piece of SW on top of a steaming mug of coffee/ tea/ whatever, and let the caramel melt a little, then you eat. Careful not to steam too long or the waffle part gets soggy!

              btw, I never ate these in Amsterdam, but you can get these in NYC and LA.

              1. re: vidia

                Where can you get stroopwaffels in NY ?

                1. re: JOhnBoy

                  Johnboy, I did a google search and of all things, found the answer on...chowhound! I love this board!


                  1. re: vidia

                    Thanks Vidia! The 'hound never ceases to amaze me! If I can ever assist you with resto's/food sources in Downtown Manhattan,Maryland or Delaware (the various places where I live),please don't hesitate to contact me. In the meantime,my mouth is watering for a stroopwafel! The last one I had was in one of the street markets in A-dam about 3 years ago after I had just exited from a coffeeshop! :-)