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Feb 28, 2005 11:59 AM

Paris guide?

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My friend is going to Paris in April, and she would like to know where to get the best croissants, the best chocolates, the best of everything. Does anyone know of a reliable "gourmet" guide to Paris?? Any help would be appreciated...

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  1. "The Food Lover's Guide to Paris" by Patricia Wells is the bible. You can't go wrong starting with that.

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      I never travel to Paris without my "Food Lover's Guide to Paris." Even when the book is outdated, it doesn't disappoint. I've never gotten a bad rec from Patricia Wells.

      You might also email her and ask for current recs!

    2. "Paris Sweets" by Dorie Greenspan

      1. "Gourmet Paris" (Emmanuel Rubin) is a nice idea: You think of what you want to eat (mousse au chocolat, cassoulet, bouillabaisse, couscous, French fries ...) and the guide tells you the best places in Paris to get it. Mostly restaurants, but also p√Ętisseries, markets, and specialty shops. The problem is, it's from 2002 (there may be an udpated French edition by the same author).

        1. Rosa Jackson - an American expat journalist in Paris, creates custom gourmet walking itineraries (unaccompanied -- you just tell her what you want to see/eat, and she creates a great tour for you to take on your own) - for 200 Euros. It's well worth it!

          1. I have to recommend David Leibovitz. You won't find a better guide for chocolate or baked goods.


            His tours are arranged thru context tours.

            your friend will be sick of the word 'best' after being in Paris for a bit. EVERYTHING is supposedly 'the best' -- but whoever 'they' are, may not know your taste.