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Le Petit Canard report - HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend for reasonable priced dinner in Paris

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Amazing meal in Paris in the 9th district.. reasonable price, friendly staff of 1, excellent food

Link: http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=9zp0kgn....

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  1. Thanks for this! I'm staying right near there next month and duck is one of my favorite things to eat!

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      Boy, it looks like a bunch of us are going to be in Paris in March and we'll all be headed for Le Petit Canard. Two questions: 1) Will I be welcomed if I am eating alone? and 2) do they take reservations? I am willing to eat early or late (as I usually do when going solo. I hate to take up a table at prime time).

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        I had dinner there alone and I felt quite welcome -- when I declined dessert because I couldn't eat another bite having gorged on duck, the owner (I assume) said he was open til 2 and I was welcome to stay until I was hungry again. They were never full while I was there (on a weeknight in October).

    2. A very interesting way to present reviews, though torturous. We both got home late from work and the fridge is empty. Looking at your photos made the situation worse. We will be in Paris in March so these reviews are very helpful.

      1. Perceptor, I *rarely* check this board but something told me to go here today, and well, glad that I did! Everything about that place made it look like an amazing find in Paris.

        I never feel a hint of jealousy when I vicariously experience your posts (ok, maybe Urasawa); however, this one made me green w/ envy knowing that you were in PARIS! Thanks again.

        1. thanks for the magnifique report and glorious photos. can't wait to go back and experience this place!

          1. I'm so happy to see another opinion on this place! I posted about it last fall, but as I said in my report, since I didn't have much experience with Paris restaurants, I didn't have much of a yardstick to judge my experience by.

            Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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              Bill Strzempek

              Perceptor, thanks for the tip but I can't help asking if you used a flash in the middle of the dining room for all of those photos?

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                flash was used on the food and menu pics.. no flash on other pics

              2. Wow. An entertaining and informative report. I am going to Paris for 12 days next week - my first time - and have been absorbing all I can from posts here. Definitely will pay this place a visit. Thank you!

                1. Wow -- am going to Paris in a week and that is now on my list of places to eat -- thank you for the amazing report.

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                    Seattle Rose

                    What a great report and what a great way to present it. Thanks so much for the info and the photos.

                    1. Je suis français vivant à NYC, et je suis allé au petit canard : c'est bon, c'est beau, c'est sympa, on dirait la cuisine de chez maman !!. Miam !!!

                      Link: http://www.lepetitcanard.fr

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                        Nice to find Le Petit Canard here! A small group of us ate there about 4 years ago and it was fantastic with everything creatively centered around delicious ways to serve duck. We'd found out about it by reading great reviews by Barbara Pasquet James who couldn't recommend it highly enough, and we agree.

                      2. I know this thread is as old as the hills but for our upcoming trip, a chef friend of mine here in the States says this place is not to be missed. I don't see much mention of it here or on any of the other Paris food discusion sites... what's the word these days?

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                          I've been a few times, most recently in December, which is when civet is on the menu (pictured in the OP's link - by the way, not one other thing has changed a whit). Honestly, no individual dish is the best version of its kind in Paris (for instance, I can think of better cassoulets, confits, and certainly tartes tatin, etc.), but the prices are very reasonable for the achievement, which is a really pleasant, relaxed experience with food that is very, very tasty if not super memorable. Dishes taste as they should - not better, not worse. Does that sound a bit damning? I hope not, because I actually do like this place (and its owner/everything-but-the-chef guy). Like I said, good enough to go back to (especially as my husband goes on and off red meat and dairy, which can be otherwise frustrating in Paris), but I don't know that I'd let it supplant one of the best versions of what's on offer at other places on a short stay in Paris.

                          Also, really close to the Musée Gustave Moreau, so it's nice to go, walk over to LPC and see if they have a table at whatever time, go have an apéro someplace, then go back and have dinner. They have a nice entrée with cured magret, avocado, and sesame oil, I think.

                        2. I have never heard the expression "cream of duck liver". Is it a brule or mousse?
                          Pictures were great-thanks for sharing.