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Feb 17, 2005 02:16 PM


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The title says it all. This is my first trip and likely my last, so I'll want to get as much of the experience as possible. I'll be there for about five meals, and I want to get the heck away from the big hotels. I have no idea if there are any specialties of Persian Gulf cuisine, but if there are, I want to try them!

Please don't suggest Turkish places (although I know there's good stuff there) because my next stop on this trip will be Istanbul. Also, it is likely that I will be eating solo, so if there are any places that would be uncomfortable for a Western, non-Arabic speaking woman to eat by get the idea.

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    Amin (London Foodie)

    Have never been to Doha, so unfortunately cannot give
    any practical recs, however I do believe that Doha is
    extremely modern as far as recent constructions are
    concerned however still steeped in old values, culture
    and tradition.

    A lot of good food can be available in some of the big
    hotels, however there is plenty of different types of
    foods available in the large shopping malls, which you
    will am sure find plenty of.

    Would suggest you have a word with the concierge desk
    at your hotel and tell them you want some ''souk'' food
    and get a list of the various souk's

    A souk is a marketplace and there are several of them
    around, some specialising in gold/jewellery, some in
    trading of goods, some in clothes, in spices, etc.

    Hope you will post a report on your trip.

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      Really there's not much good food in Doha outsideof the hotels. You could try the Pearl or maybe the Souk.