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Jan 29, 2005 10:46 AM

Eating in the Cinque Terre

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I will be spending four nights in the Cinque Terre this August, Any Chow insight would be helpful. Any restaurants where the locals eat, romantic reccomendations or any tasty place would be helpful. Also places for a good panino, gelato, slice of local charcuterie, Olives etc.. I'd also be interested in vineyards or winebars where you can sample the local product.
Thanks for your help,

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    Capun Magro in Groppo, run a really nice guy named Maurizio in his grandparents house. It's gotten into all the guides, but it's still good and still frequented by the locals, although locals will be greatly outnumbered whereever you go in August.

    In Corniglia, A Cantina de Mananan, it's tiny so be sure to reserve. Great fish and don't miss the fig biscotti and a glass of sciacchetra (the local dessert wine) at the end of your meal.

    A lovely B&B is Il Vigneto, actually in the park. They make their own white wine and their own olive oil, both delicious.


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      When I visited the area a went to Cantina de Mananan more times than I should admit. The food, which makes use of local seasonal ingredients, is excellent.

    2. In Monterosa, there is a great place in the old side of town (across the tunnel). I do not know the name. It has a large outdoor seating area with an orange canapy and is opposite an enoteca. You will know it by the side window with opens into the kitchen where you can watch them cook from the street. All of the pots are made from clay.
      Anyway, they serve some of the best food of all five villages. Don't miss the fruiti misto or the risotto.
      I hate you BTW, just jealous.

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        I remember this place also ( the open kitchen window and clay pots). It was always busy and we never tried it because we had 4 hungry children with us. It looked very appealing though. It should be easy to find.
        Also, don't miss the focacciaria in the same part of town. The entrance is on the same little lane as the "striped" church. We went there many, many times and the owner would see us in town and wave hello. He had a fresh variety of focaccia and other snacks every day. We would eat on benches near the shop. We also ate at a restaurant with tables along the sea through the tunnel and away from the old section of town.

        Also, should you go to Vernazza (a must) there are some good restaurants there. You can get good little pizzas down by the harbor. Don't forget to try the sciacchetrà.

        I am also very jealous. It is so lovely there.

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          What is sciacchetra that you recommend?

          1. re: Eva

            Sorry. Just saw this post today in June 2006.

            Sciacchetra is a sweet wine that is a specialty of the Cinque Terre region.

      2. i have to know if u went to vernazza. best focaccia in town. amazing pesto pizza. let me know.....i am SOOOO jealous!