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London - Breakfast within walking distance of Piccadilly

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Happy Christmas to all Chowhounds.

We are in london next week; got a great Priceline deal for a hotel but they want about $70 for breakfast for two. Has anyone got a rec for somewhere for a traditional English breakfast within walking distance of Piccadilly Circus please?

Thanks for any help, Pirate

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  1. My copy of Harden's Good Cheap Eats London suggests Fortnum's Fountain, entrance on Jermyn St. as a good place for breakfast. It says that a full works breakfast will cost you about $22.00/person. At Fortnum and Mason you know it is going to be good.

    1. Can't imagine that Regent Palace would charge $35 for breakfast so, if you are not staying there, try them. If you are staying there then I have no suggestions.


      1. I really recommend the Fountain Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason. They have a delicious traditional English breakfast for stl.14 (compared to the 70 meal u mentioned), in a quaintly English setting with one of the largest selections of tea, in Piccadilly. Here's the info: http://www.fortnumandmason.com/ You'll have to click on About US and then Restauarants.

        Also, the Grill Room at the Dorchester Hotel (walk up Park Lane) does a great breakfast. I find the setting ornately stuffy, but it maybe perfectly traditional to others.

        Dorchester Grill Room www.thedorchesterhotel.com
        Area: W1
        Address: The Dorchester, 53 Park Lane
        Tel: 020 7317 6336
        Open: Breakfast 7 - 11am Mon-Sat 7.30-11am Sun. Lunch 12.30 - 2.30pm daily. Dinner 6 - 11pm Mon - Sat 7.30
        - 10.30pm Sun.
        Price: £22 - £40 main course. set lunch £32.50. set dinner £39.50.
        Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner, Green Park tube stops.

        I stayed at the Sofitel Hotel in St. James a while ago, and i think the Braserie Roux there does breakfast too. It's a French style bistro though, so don't expect a traditional fry-up here. Just an option I thought I'd mention (and it's pricey as well).

        Brasserie Roux
        Area: SW1
        Address: Sofitel St James, 8 Pall Mall
        Tel: 020 7968 2900
        Open: Mon-Sat 6.30am-10.30am 12N-3pm 5.30pm-11pm (Sun -10.30pm)
        Price: 30
        Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus

        The Reading Room at Claridge's is a wonderfully muted, art deco setting to have a traditional english breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, mushroom and tomato) & tea. It's only 2 tube stops away from Piccadilly and i think i paid around 15 pounds with hefty tip circa 2000, so I thought i'd mention it.

        I know you want to stick within walking distance of Piccadilly, but some of the best (in terms of food, fun, price) breakfasts I've had in London have been in the Nottinghill (Lazy Daisy Cafe), Sloane (Oriel, English Garden) and Kensington (Ffiona's, Maggie Jones')areas. Also Chinatown and Soho, if you like dimsum. Hope this helps.


        1. You might want to check what sort of breakfast is served at the cafe/cafeteria of the Royal Academy of Art, which is right on Piccadilly. To be honest, I do not know if they have any morning food/beverage service. I am guessing they might. I do not think you have to pay an admission to the galleries to access their cafe. It is certainly worth stopping by and seeing what they have to offer.

          I would also suggest seeing if any of the restaurants/cafes on Jermyn Street serve a morning meal. There is a coffee bar on Jermyn St. directly behind St. James Church, but I do not think they serve a cooked breakfast.

          1. The Wolseley - obviously

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              Excellent place. It's only a few doors from F&M, i should've remembered. If i recall, their English breakfast includes a black pudding, is priced around 10-11 sterling and the new renovations really make this place stunning. Enjoy!


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              Huw Owen-Reece

              Depending which end of Piccadilly, the Mandarin Oriental opposite Harvey Nick's serves the best English breakfast I have ever had, without a doubt. And you get great views of the horse riders in Rotten Row in Hyde Park. You won't want to eat for the rest of the day. However this will get to $70 (£36) easily. But many of the other recommendations would too if you include say an extra glass of orange juice and service.

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                We stayed at Le Meridien Picadilly. 80% of the breakfast we walked over to Paul's http://www.paul.fr/histoire/us_histoi... for bread, croissants. For more calories we had a full English breakfast at a market st cafe in Picadilly. For the full experience, the "10 deadly sins" breakfast at Simpons on the Strand should not be missed. Quality was great (fresh orange juice too), but you need to be a NFL lineman in training to digest the amount of food.

              2. I second the Wolseley recommendation.

                Be warned, though: if you want a traditional English breakfast as a tourist in the UK, you're faced with something of a dilemma.

                On the one hand, a proper English breakfast is hearty, unpretentious food. From this point of view, it seems slightly wrong to eat it in the over-refined luxury of a grand hotel or even the Wolseley.

                On the other hand, the English breakfast is simple food and as such relies very heavily on the quality of the underlying ingredients. Because of this, it's equally difficult to get a really good fry-up in a greasy-spoon cafe, since you'll often be faced with factory-made sausages, average bacon and battery eggs.

                There are a couple of solution: cook it yourself at home (or visit the home of someone who will cook it for you; clearly this may not be an option); or try and seek out somewhere that isn't too pretentious but where the clientele won't put up with poor ingredients. The pubs around Smithfield market might be a good bet for this; alternatively a restaurant like Smith's of Smithfield has something of the same ethos (albeit straying back into the realms of too restaurant-y). Of course, neither of these are in walking distance of Piccadilly, but I hope they may be useful to other fry-up hunters.

                Enjoy your trip.

                1. A bit late to help you, but I found a great little Italian place for breakfast in Shepherd's Market when I was in London over the holidays. It's called Da Corradi, and it's right behind Ye Grapes pub.